Why you should stop going the extra mile

April 12, 2023

I have a natural eye for detail and I have very high standards, often higher than many other people. That reminds me of what my marketing manager said at the time: What’s 80% for you is 110% for most people. You don’t need to put all your time and energy into the final 20%. Stop at 80% and everyone’s overjoyed…

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I wish I had listened when people told me this...

April 7, 2023

I hung up the phone and sat back on the edge of the bed. My parents had just spent the better half of the conversation trying to convince me I had to be careful and slow down. Telling me I was doing too much. That I was treading in dangerous territory. I disagreed. I was doing fine. Honestly, I was a little annoyed …

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How to trust the timing of your life

March 20, 2023

Believing you're exactly where you're meant to be isn't always easy. Trusting the timing of your life starts with dealing with what is. It means accepting your current circumstances. That doesn’t mean you condone them! Acceptance simply means you admit where you are—however shitty that situation may be. Pret…

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This is why my work means so much to me

March 8, 2023

I love seeing what is set in motion for clients when we start working together. Clients usually have something specific they want to work on and that’s what we’ll start with. Then inevitably something unexpected happens in their personal or professional life and what we focus on evolves. Just like life always chang…

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How to get ready for that next level in your career or business

February 22, 2023

Things can shift much faster than you think. One example that comes to mind is a client who was a referral after coming up against some issues in a project at work. She wanted to know how to deal with people who are so completely different, who you don’t understand. When she came to me, she wanted support with her…

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How to abandon the invisible ‘shoulds’ that are impeding your happiness

February 6, 2023

I recently heard that 95% of the time our subconscious runs the show. That means that the programming we received during the first seven years of our life calls most of the shots. The problem is that all these beliefs and behaviors we’ve adopted are running on automatic pilot—without us consciously filtering or …

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3 crucial questions to make this your best year yet

December 29, 2022

Another year has almost gone by. It feels cliché but time does seem to go faster and faster. I know there's a scientific explanation for that: the older you get, the less new experiences you have which makes the passage of time feel more rapid. In the spirit of personal growth I like to reflect on the year and deci…

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5 tips to reduce stress and avoid burnout

December 20, 2022

It’s been said that 90% of disease are caused by stress. According to McKinsey Health Institute, globally one in four employees are experiencing signs of burnout. Stress hormones weaken the immune system, increase aging and the risk of (chronic) disease. Here are some common signs of stress: Physical signs: …

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Why being in survival mode damages your health

December 6, 2022

A large part of my life I lived in survival mode. I kept pushing through because I thought that was expected of me. Plus it was similar to what everyone else was doing. It never occurred to me that I was only getting by and trying to get through another day. Until I realized that I had to make a change because my bo…

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Why your emotions are the gateway to more joy and flow in your life

November 22, 2022

We’re often too busy to pay much attention to how we’re feeling. When we’re on a deadline, it seems our emotions can only get in the way of a good result. Over the years I learned the opposite is true. After the early stages of my personal growth, once I had sorted my physical health and took myself off aut…

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