How to get ready for that next level in your career or business

February 22, 2023

Things can shift much faster than you think. One example that comes to mind is a client who was a referral after coming up against some issues in a project at work. She wanted to know how to deal with people who are so completely different, who you don’t understand.

When she came to me, she wanted support with her sensitivity and how to handle that, how to trust her intuition and heal some stuff from her past that was pretty intense.

She could see that in order to be ready for a big promotion she was being considered for, she needed to work on herself and invest in her personal growth.

A colleague suggested she could really benefit from some support.

She’s a workaholic, high achiever, high performer who—like so many others—wasn’t taking enough time for herself.

In session 2 or 3 we joked “Be careful working with Iris, you may start enjoying your life!”

In session 4 she shared she had spontaneously taken a day off in the middle of the week. And used that day to go to a theme park with her kids. She even rescheduled meetings to make that possible.

She said “If you had told me this in session 1, I would never have believed you.”

She quickly got to a place of understanding that prioritizing taking care of yourself is a valuable investment not only in your own health but also in productivity.

And she was really able to see the proof of that. It felt great, she was so excited and couldn’t believe how good it felt.

She even took it a step further and told her team why she was rescheduling: because she felt like it. It inspired her team to do something similar.

She’s running with the things we’re working on and sees the ripple effects both in her personal and professional life. She feels more confident in setting boundaries and communicating those clearly with the people involved—knowing both she and the company will benefit when she can excel.

Like when the CEO told her to focus on this extremely important and urgent project, rather than try to keep all the plates spinning and deplete herself (which used to be her default), she indicated which activities she would have to postpone in order to be able to ensure the quality of her work, and her own sanity.

You know you’re ready for the next level in your career and you know you’re ready to work with a mentor to support you with making the personal growth that is required to get you there.

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