You are worthy

July 5, 2013

This is a message that came through a while ago. Now seems to be the perfect time to share it.

Believe in yourself and you are worthy. Lots of people have low self esteem, this is due to a couple of factors:

One is that you come from God (Spirit, Source, Universe, use a term that works for you) and have a vague memory of what you were able to create instantly. You are now in a physical body and hampered by that. Instant creation has not been able on planet Earth for a while now and you have grown to believe that you are not capable, not worthy enough.

Hence you have continuously underestimated your powers. Not being able to do the one thing that came so natural you have come to doubt whatever it is that you undertake. You first think that you can’t and then you are surprised when you succeed. This is why you look for confirmation outside of yourself “Did this really happen?”, “Did I do this, really?”. “Am I good enough, did you see what I just did?” You can barely believe that you are doing all this.

You have grown in this body and you have grown more used to the abilities you have here, but now you are invited to step up to the plate and do more. Be God again, do instant creation, feel endless love flow though your veins and limitless power and energy…. And you choke.

You are no longer used to feeling this power and you need to retrain yourself. Especially if you have a history of abusing your power or having other people abuse you for it. There are lots of things to let go off, but the main thing is to keep your focus on the goal you would like to achieve. Which is to sparkle your joy and cherish your love, for yourself and others.

There is no shortage of love, as there is no shortage of energy or good intentions. Let it flow freely and it will recreate itself and become even more powerful. Energy births more energy as love does as well.

Let it freely sing its song and free yourself of the limitations you have put upon you. They have served their purpose. Now you are here to serve and share your wisdom with others. The most powerful way to do that is to live your dream and lead by example. Show them and they will follow. They will feel your energy and vibration and be touched by it. By being in your presence they will feel forever that imprint of possibilities, of potential, of unlimited love and flow that is within their reach as well.

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