3 crucial questions to make this your best year yet

December 29, 2022

Another year has almost gone by. It feels cliché but time does seem to go faster and faster. I know there’s a scientific explanation for that: the older you get, the less new experiences you have which makes the passage of time feel more rapid.

In the spirit of personal growth I like to reflect on the year and decide what I will take with me into the new year, and what I’d like to do different. To help you with that, I created these three questions. I recommend you take a moment to actually write down the answers because that helps ingrain the insights.

1. What brought you most joy in the past year?

When you think back of this last year, which moment, experience or person stands out on the happy scale? Allow yourself to remember where you were, what you were doing and how it felt. Then allow that joy to fill you.

How can you bring more of this joy with you into the new year?

2. What will you no longer tolerate?

As I once heard Tony Robbins say during an event: “You get what you tolerate.” So what in your life will you stop tolerating? From yourself, others, or life in general. Which behavior, beliefs, circumstances, or situations are no longer acceptable?

That doesn’t mean you need to know how to change them right now. It starts by deciding that something is no longer okay, that you no longer give it permission to be a part of your life. From that clarity you can then start changing the situation, behavior, belief etc. It could be that you need support from a coach or expert in whatever field you want to make a change in.

3. How will you take better care of yourself?

So you’ll be happier, healthier and will have more to give—to others and to yourself.

self-care truth RADIANT

What are some small practical changes you can make to uplevel your self-care? Do you need more sleep, give yourself a proper lunchbreak, spend more time outdoors, exercise more frequently, do things to help you relax? Or whatever comes to mind that you know will help you have more energy and feel better.

If you’d like some support in getting clear what will help you make this coming year your best year yet, then I recommend scheduling a private Power Session with me. In that 1-hour Zoom video call I’ll help you get clear on which changes will help you reach a specific goal or a certain result.

Have a day full of energy and inspiration!

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