Why being in survival mode damages your health

December 6, 2022

A large part of my life I lived in survival mode. I kept pushing through because I thought that was expected of me. Plus it was similar to what everyone else was doing. It never occurred to me that I was only getting by and trying to get through another day.

Until I realized that I had to make a change because my body was depleted. Discovering I had health issues alerted me to the fact I was in survival mode and pushing through.

This wakeup call helped me focus on taking care of my physical well-being first. Once I knew the changes that were needed to support my immediate health, I focused on where I was spending my time and on what.

I noticed I needed space to recharge and to do different things in order to take good care of myself. That resulted in making other choices, setting boundaries and freeing up time and space for me to do the things that were supporting me rather than draining me.

For example, I stopped going to some events. I gave myself permission to spend more time by myself to read or take a bath—to not have to be busy all the time.

I gave myself space to explore what I really wanted and dove into personal development. I focused on honing my intuition and discovering my sensitivity and how being a sensitive soul had impacted me.

An entire healing journey occurred once my eyes were opened to who I truly was and what I needed. And I decided to invest in my personal growth and make it a priority.

Doing that felt really good and empowering. For me it was the only way to go.

Investing time, effort and money in my personal development was a no brainer. It’s so important.

When I did a creativity training, I got clarity on what I wanted to do, what I wanted to focus on and where I was going with my life. That training was a serious investment. And giving myself the space and making that possible was a turning point.

I had more energy. I was doing better and had the clarity to see that this is where the next leg of my journey would be focused on.

It was a really exciting time and a jumping board for the rest of my professional career and personal well-being.

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Because life is too short (and your health too precious) to just get by.

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