Improve your Concentration & Focus with these 2 oils

July 5, 2013

Scent can be easily used to improve your concentration and focus.


Rosemary has a stimulating effect on the central nerve system. It improves concentration and will help boost your energy. As Cathy Gileadi put it: “If you have trouble getting started in the morning, forget the coffee and try adding a few drops of rosemary to your shower gel.” Rosemary will give you more physical and mental strength. Therefore, do not use this oil in the evening unless you plan on staying up all night…

Rosemary enhances your alertness and will help you concentrate for longer stretches of time. A research where the subjects were exposed to 3 minutes of aromatherapy proved that rosemary improved and accelerated memory recall and ensured more alertness. Put a drop of this spicy and refreshing scent on a tissue or handkerchief, so you will always have some extra concentration on hand. Or to use the words of Shakespeare: “Here’s rosemary, for remembrance…”


Lemon is one of the most powerful essential oils when it comes to improving your concentration. Research in Japan showed that typists made up to 54% (!) less mistakes when lemon oil was diffused in the room. Lemon oil will help you clear your mind and focus. There’s a reason that lemon oil stands for ‘Regain focus and de-clutter’. A few drops in a diffuser or clay stone on your desk will help you disperse this delicious fresh scent. Several Japanese companies are actively using the benefits of lemon oil and have build-in complete aromatherapy systems to improve productivity and accuracy of their personnel. I have just put some lemon oil in my diffuser, and it immediately gives me a fresh and bright mood (while it also helps me write this text 😉 )

These oils are a simple and effective way to improve your concentration & focus and thus your productivity! A must for in the office and every form of study. Besides, it immediately makes your environment smell pleasant by diffusing these fragrant oils.


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