At first, I hated being highly sensitive

May 11, 2022

I’m a sensitive soul. But it took me until my late twenties to discover I’m a highly sensitive person. I used to feel weak because I had to say “no” to certain things. I was often drained and exhausted and I felt different. When I was on vacation or on a trip there would be those key moments where I said …

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Is being a highly sensitive person bad?

May 9, 2022

I guess that depends on who you ask—and at which stage in their personal development ;) If you had asked me twenty years ago—I would have told you that being a highly sensitive person (HSP) is awful. That being a sensitive soul (as I prefer to call HSP’s) is exhausting and frustrating. That it limits what you …

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You can stop pretending.

April 29, 2022

Last week one of the participants in my Carriers of Light Mastermind asked why she felt resistance to this new phase in her journey. The inspired message we received was so powerful that I felt I had to share it with you, too. Because I feel the world needs us to show up fully—not just with the parts that feel acc…

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Your body speaks. Are you listening?

April 15, 2022

Our body speaks to us all the time. The question is: “Are you listening?” Our physical body tries to get our attention by sending us constant signals. These signals start off subtle: a feeling of discomfort, loss in energy or simply a sense that something is off. When we ignore these first warning signs, our …

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What are the first signs of burnout?

March 15, 2022

I was suffering from burnout at the age of twenty-four. Looking back, it wasn’t a matter of if I would run into that brick wall, but when. My father-in-law had passed away a few months earlier and his loss had hit us all hard. Being the only in-law made me feel not just responsible for the well-being of my boyf…

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Why our past stops us from seeing the present

February 9, 2022

Living in the present—and being fully in the moment—is one of the hardest things for humans. Or I should say for most adults. Children seem to excel at being in this moment. What often takes us away from the now is either worry about something that might happen, or revisiting a past event. Last week an intera…

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Why we need hibernation, too

January 31, 2022

We often forget—or perhaps ignore—the fact that we are tied to the seasons. Our body is connected to the rhythm of this planet. The more we move in sync with our natural rhythm, the more we will reap the benefits from a balanced body. In winter, nature slows down. Everything is happening beneath the surface. …

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How to have more energy in the winter

January 20, 2022

Winter is a time of year where we naturally have less energy because there is less sunlight. You might know this. But do you act accordingly? I had to remind myself this week, as I was working on the final edits of my book Radiant: How to Have All the Energy You Need to Live a Live You Love It's my experience …

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A twenty-five year adventure aka my career

November 11, 2021

Never in my life had I pictured my career the way it actually happened. If you would’ve told me the story beforehand, I probably would’ve thought it was both unbelievable—and unenjoyable. Life had a few surprises in store for me, most I didn’t see coming. Quite a few were only enjoyable with hindsight—and …

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This #1 creative rule should govern your life

September 2, 2021

I'm celebrating 19 years in business and will share several creative thinking (aka brainstorm) tips in the coming days. Because I know many of these principles are important—not just for a powerful brainstorm session—but to meet any goal in your life! The first and most essential rule for brainstorming is to p…

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