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Complimentary Meditation
Connect to Your True Soul-Self
Thursday December 2nd

This 20-30 guided meditation helps you connect to who you truly are at your core. Your soul self, beyond the human aspect, beyond limitations. This guided activation helps you deepen the connection with your soul and allow more of your soul’s energy to flow to you and through you.

This free meditation is happening on Insight Timer (the world’s largest free meditation app) where I am a teacher.

If you follow me there you’ll automatically be notified of new live meditations 🙂

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A gathering with the Carriers of Light
Thursday January 6th

Join us for a moment of loving connection, intuitive insights and energetic upleveling. You are called forth to realign, to recharge and to receive.

We have a special message in store that supports you with what is going on at the planet and the shifts in vibration. In order to support your physical body in these changes we offer these energies and insights.

A unique online event that will leave you feeling vibrantly alive, recharged and rested.

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