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Complimentary Soul Call
Thursday July 1st

There’s often one thing we don’t share with the world because we’re afraid of what other people might think.

That’s a very human thing to do. It means we navigate from fear, not from love or full trust. It also means we slow down flow—and that impacts every aspect of our life.

On this complimentary call I’ll share more about our tendency to hold back and hide parts of ourselves. And I will tune in for you personally, so you get clear on what you can embrace now.


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A gathering with the Carriers of Light
Thursday July 8th

Join us for a moment of loving connection, intuitive insights and energetic upleveling. You are called forth to realign, to recharge and to receive.

We have a special message in store that supports you with what is going on at the planet and the shifts in vibration. In order to support your physical body in these changes we offer these energies and insights.

A unique online event that will leave you feeling vibrantly alive, recharged and rested.

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