How to neutralize cell-phone radiation

July 20, 2014

cellphoneI have often been asked to write about this topic. When I was asked again last month I figured I really need to share this information as there is so much demand for it. Although I don’t see myself as, nor am I, an expert on this topic, I am more sensitive than most people. And over the years I have learned ways to protect myself and not be as influenced by what goes on around me.

Cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields are all around us. We are surrounded by Wi-Fi, have DECT-phones and many carry cell-phones in their pocket. Even if you don’t have Wi-Fi, chances are that your neighbour does and that it ‘leaks’ into your home.

The good news is that you can do something to minimize the impact. For years I had a small Samsung phone, just a regular cell-phone. I liked it and used it until it was completely worn out. Using it didn’t particularly bother me although I would notice a tingling in my hand when I was on longer calls.

I then decided to get an iPhone, mainly because that would allow me to check emails when abroad. I loved it. After the first week I was sitting on the couch wondering why I was so extremely tired. I went over the week in my head and nothing really seemed a logical reason for my exhaustion. It was a regular week, nothing different than the one before. Until it hit me. The only difference was my phone. I had already heard that the iPhone had a stronger energetic field than other phones but had not really given it a lot of thought. So I figured I better get one of those things that neutralized the radiation and see if that made a difference. It did. Big time.

Through I friend I ordered the Aulterra Neutralizer. A small flat disc of what they call ‘rare activated earth elements’. It was so small in fact that I was not sure it could do anything. But it works and I have not been bothered by my cell-phone since. I still turn it off at night and leave it in the living room. But I can use it now without being exhausted. I am using these same neutralizers for my laptop and regular phone. So if you are looking for something to diminish the impact of electromagnetic fields then I can recommend this one from personal experience. Click here to read more about this product.

If you would like to know more about the impact that Wi-Fi has on our body and environment then I recommend you check out this article. This brilliant study done by five 9th grade girls from Denmark clearly shows the effect of Wi-Fi on the growth of watercress:

The “healthy” cress without the influence of the router. Photo: The girls from 9b



The “sick” cress exposed to the [Wi-Fi] router. Photo: The girls from 9b

The idea for the project came because they noticed they had difficulty concentrating in school after they slept with their cell-phone next to their head. You can read more about the experiment here!

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