The inner creates the outer

May 5, 2023

The majority of results stem from our energy, not our actions. I believe the 80-20% rule applies here as well. I know that’s not how most of us behave, nor is it what we’ve been taught. Instead, we spend the majority of our time taking frantic action to try to influence the remaining 20%.

We like taking action after action, checking things off our to-do list. Doing so makes us feel like we are accomplishing things. It’s the way we grew up, how we’re educated, and how our society operates. You get rewarded for taking action, not for doing inner work or setting intentions. Focusing on your energy works; it truly does.

TRUTH: Once you shift your energy, everything changes.

You need to remember you’re a human BEing. Not a human DOing. And shift your attention accordingly.

Your focus first and foremost needs to be on your inner state of being and how you reflect that back into the world. Everything you send out will be returned to you tenfold. Scrutinize your thoughts and your way of being in the world.

Be ruthless when it comes to being aligned.

If the inner creates the outer, if 80% of our results stem from BEing rather than DOing, then what could possibly be more important than being in touch with yourself, your heart, your desires, your soul?

Rather than running around being frantic and busy, shift your focus to your inner well-being and get in sync with the flow.

Because when you feel aligned with who you are and what you need, you will not waste time. When you are in tune with your body, you effortlessly make the best decisions and you know what will support you and what will drain you. When you create from the heart you automatically do what is in your highest good—and that of those around you.

Now, how do you make that shift from 80% DOing to BEing 80% of the time?

It’s a process, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. There is no quick-fix magic button.

I know we all want things to change in an instant, but even when they do it’s an accumulation of everything you’ve done up until then. You have merely reached the tipping point and that’s when the change becomes visible.

The first step is becoming aware that your inner actions create outer results. Then shift your behavior to include more time for inner work. Managing your energy pays off—big time.

It took me a while to change my morning routine to include my daily yoga and energy work, which meant I would only start seeing clients at 11:00 a.m. At first it felt lazy, like I took the morning off. Then I realized it made a huge difference in how I feel, in how present and alert I am.

Doing my inner work in the morning increases my creativity and productivity. The key is working smarter—not harder—using the principles you know yield results.

Everything is energy so let the energy work for you so you can create from flow instead of a standstill. When you are in the flow actions and ideas fall into place and there’s a perfect timing and synchronicity to everything that happens in your life

It’s called inner WORK. Not inner play. Although we treat it like a luxury or something we do once we have time—after taking care of everything that is really important (or so we think).

My suggestion is to fit your inner work in first, so you know you’ll get it done. You’ll know you have created the space and the time to not only take care of yourself, but those around you, by making sure you are centered and focused, your energy is clear, and your emotions are gathered. By reminding yourself your energy is what has the biggest impact on any outcome—not your actions.

I know I am calmer, sharper, and more in the flow when I have done my inner work. When for whatever reason I do not get to managing my energy and state of being in the morning (because stuff happens), I can feel the difference and I am less productive.

If inner work is (or seems) impossible to fit into your mornings, then try to squeeze it in around lunch or mid-afternoon. Just make sure you fit it in somewhere, because shifting your energy will make a difference—I can guarantee you that.

If you leave your inner work ‘til the end of the day, chances are you will be too tired and just want go to bed. Deciding to leave it until tomorrow when, for sure, you will do it then (or so you tell yourself).

When you haven’t yet had a chance to do some inner work today, I recommend you do so now. Even if it’s just a few deep breaths to center yourself. 🙂

Have a day full of energy and inspiration!

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