About Iris van Ooyen


Author, transformative mentor & creative entrepreneur

I’m the girl who did everything the way it was expected.

The corporate job. The brand-new house. The handsome husband.

I was the ‘good’ girl. And once I’d achieved everything I thought I’d ever wanted…I was the miserable girl too.

Burnt out at the age of 24.

A perfectionist who took on too much responsibility because I cared so much — about my demanding job, my family and how other people felt in general.

I wanted everything to work out for everyone. In fact I was so busy taking care of everybody else, I forgot to take care of myself. Instead of sitting down to relax I cleaned the house, visited my recently widowed mother-in-law and tried to be the perfect girlfriend.

I had to take naps in the afternoon to be able to stay awake for dinner. I finally ended up at a naturopath who told me “You have energy for four hours per day and you do the rest on willpower.”—

Part of me was proud for sticking it out on pure will, until he finished his sentence.

—“and it is damaging your organs.’’

After that I changed my life. I started a strict diet to rebalance my body, learned to relax and went to international retreats & conferences.

I started exploring what I truly wanted rather than what was expected from me.

Carolyn Herfurth - Founder of TheBizTruth.Com

I learned to read my inner compass and sense my intuition, often getting chills in confirmation. And I realized I had access to a far more valuable tool than my mind alone.

I discovered the value of being true to myself—even when it was hard.

I said no to 50% of my business to free up time to develop my intuitive skills, shut down my marriage and rejected a million dollar offer.

In truth it was never the easier path.

I cried a lot, said no a lot, and learned to breathe through disappointing other people, and embrace who I am.

Good girls burn out. Powerful ones let go.

By burrowing down in a world of self-care, seeking community and investing in my personal development I learned to look at challenges and grow from them. Learned to see my life as an opportunity in shifting perspective. To let go of judgment and meet others where they are.


Rather than force myself to pick one passion and be done with it, I followed an inner nudge. Allowed myself to pursue VARIETY.

I created an all-natural line of essential oil essences.

I wrote a novel. (In English — my second language.)

I tapped into my professional network to facilitate brainstorm sessions & teambuilding, and — my flagship service — I’m a transformational mentor, helping people recover from their life of overdoing, overperforming, overgiving, and living beneath overcast skies. When what they really want is freedom to be themselves. To live in color. To love their life.

So when you want to remove the reins. Stop wedging the vision for your life into a single idea. Liberate yourself from the wave of external expectations….just know there is a way out.

The first half of my life I lived on Will Power — Forceful. Obedient. Driven. Often blind. Sometimes destructive.

Remember the miserable girl?


Until I tapped into my SWEET POWERTM — Curious. Trusting. Allowing. Often playful. Always envisioning.

Because we NEED power that cares for others and the world and gets things done. But that power is extremely finite if you don’t know how to tap into its most eternal source.

Let’s get honest about how you spend your time and energy. Get clear on what you prioritize and where you are holding yourself prisoner. Because you can beat your head against the wall as much as you want but ultimately you are the one that has to change.

You hold all the power. All you have to do is access it.

Who I work with

Ambitious professionals, business owners, coaches, high performers, professional athletes and/or sensitive souls.

The ones who dare to dream big and set their goals high. Those who want to contribute to making this a better world.

Here’s to being your best self and making the difference you were born to make.

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