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"The scan gave us actionable insights into how our business is doing as a whole."

Energy Balance Scan™

Prevent burnout & reduce stress for your organization

The Energy Balance ScanTM has been specifically designed to give organizations insights in the energy and stress level of their employees.

It is important to closely monitor work stress and job satisfaction so timely actions can be taken to prevent burnout and sick leave.

Since most people don’t see a burnout coming, it’s crucial to detect the first signs of stress related complaints in an early stage—so preventive measures can be taken.

This practical tool shows immediately what the (perceived) workload is organization wide, and how many employees need extra attention & care or find themselves in the danger zone when it comes to stress and burnout.

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"An important, ground-breaking and interesting addition to the repertory of means that nowadays leaders can and should work with!"

Radiant Employees

Bring the concepts of RADIANT into your workplace

Iris is available for lectures and workshops on topics ranging from increasing productivity & creativity through better self-care, setting healthy boundaries and consciously managing your energy level. Because happy, balanced people are valuable and healthy employees.

Increasing the well-being of your people fosters better teamwork, increases innovation and job satisfaction, and can reduce sickness absence.

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