This is why my work means so much to me

March 8, 2023

I love seeing what is set in motion for clients when we start working together. Clients usually have something specific they want to work on and that’s what we’ll start with. Then inevitably something unexpected happens in their personal or professional life and what we focus on evolves. Just like life always changes.

Helping them navigate life when sh*t hits the fan is something I love supporting clients with. Then seeing them realize it’s not as horrible as they thought it was going to be beforehand, is extremely meaningful.

I enjoy celebrating the kinds of things that come about for my clients. Whether it’s a shift in perspective, a release of an old fear or the realization of a tangible goal. It all matters and makes me smile big time.

Like this client I met years ago through my team building activities. It turned out he had been enjoying my posts in the following years and suddenly he reached out to me for private mentoring.

He started out with all these goals he wanted to achieve for his business and in his personal development. Once we were underway things were put in motion and that’s often when big shifts happen. It turned out he was suddenly having a divorce.

I supported him through that process and later he said, “2020 was a memorable year for me. Not because of COVID ’19 but because of my re-awakening, powered by Iris.

Iris helped me to identify where I had lost myself over the previous years. She gave me practical tips and valuable insights to improve my life. This helped me to feel more grounded, mindful and balanced but also to look at the recent events with gratefulness and non-resistance as opposed to self-criticism and grief.”

As you can imagine this brings me immense fulfillment.

Another powerful one is this corporate client who ended up looking for houses while we worked together.

During the negotiation process she was inspired by how I taught her to trust her intuition and be grounded and have faith that the perfect house is out there, whether it’s this one or something better. That gave her the confidence to not overbid (and not do some things she would’ve done a few months prior.)

Even when the house was taken off the market, she just knew that they were not done yet. Despite all evidence to the contrary, and her surroundings urging her to reconsider her strategy—she kept the faith and stayed the course. And low and behold they got her dreamhouse at the price she was willing to pay!

I believe it’s about daring to trust your intuition and have faith that things will work out. When you stay true to yourself, you will end up where you are meaning to go—even if it takes a few detours.

You want to make some big shifts but don’t know where to start. You’d love to fully trust your intuition and know you’re on the right path. Then my SWEET POWERTM Transformational Mentoring program is perfect for you!

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I’d love to support you on this journey!


PS This call is to ensure  we both feel that I’m the right mentor to support you in moving forward, faster. Typically people feel a shift from this call alone. They often report feeling lighter. More importantly, you’ll get clarity on what you can expect from private mentoring from me and what that will look like.

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