Why your emotions are the gateway to more joy and flow in your life

November 22, 2022

We’re often too busy to pay much attention to how we’re feeling. When we’re on a deadline, it seems our emotions can only get in the way of a good result.

Over the years I learned the opposite is true.

After the early stages of my personal growth, once I had sorted my physical health and took myself off autopilot—I gave myself space to be present enough to notice my emotions. To wonder what it meant what I was feeling.

Going to several spiritual retreats I noticed there was a depth of connection possible that I hadn’t experienced before.

I had always been too busy. I had closed off my intuition and was focused on survival mode.

Being around people with an open heart who are present and allow energy to flow between each other was an eye-opener. It showed me a more present way of being that was so much more nourishing and joyful.

Experiencing that depth of connection helped me notice when that was absent. Once I had that frame of reference, I spotted the broader range of emotions and also the lack of joy or being happy with what’s going on.

I learned to be present with my emotions without trying to get busy to ignore or avoid them.

I did that through a variety of modalities like journaling, for example. Getting to know myself better: what I needed, how I operated, and noticing when that was off.

I did whatever it took to course-correct, even when that involved difficult decisions. Like ending relationships, friendships, terminating parts of my business that no longer brought me joy—even though they brought me income.

Trusting that if it truly felt right and grounded, it was the right way to go.

Often in the short term that was really shitty and not the easiest road to take. Having faith and trust in knowing that was the right thing to do, gave me the strength to move forwards and deal with the turmoil it brought up. And with the lack of understanding of those around me.

I grew as a person; I feel like that’s probably the point where I started to work with people individually as if it had prepared me to be able to support them.

After having gone through so many struggles myself I was able to hold the space for clients to make their own shifts.

Now I feel so grateful for going through these challenges—it brought me so many opportunities on the other side. Because of my own experience I can relate to people in my life and my clients. It feels really good,

It’s so satisfying to be able to support someone through a shift and see them make that leap of faith and land beautifully on the other side, and be so excited they went ahead and did it!

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