How water increases your productivity and memory

July 18, 2022

We’re having a few extremely hot days here in The Netherlands (and in many other places as well) so that reminded me of some research I quoted in my book Radiant.

You probably know staying hydrated is important, but did you know this:

“A mere 2 percent drop in body water can trigger fuzzy, short term-memory trouble with basic match problems and result in dificulty focusing on the computer screen or printed page.” —Andreas Moritz, 2009.

The dangers of dehydration take on new meaning when you keep this in mind.

Most people do not drink enough (good quality) water. Often our signal for thirst has weakened to the point we mistake it for hunger, so we eat something instead. Lack of water directly impacts our energy level and (as you just read) our ability to focus.

An adult needs at least six to eight large glasses of water per day. More when you’re working out, ill or in the middle of a heatwave.

Be sure to steer clear from water that includes chlorine. Depending on where you live, the tap water might be good enough to drink. I’m fortunate with the quality of water in the Netherlands, but I still filter it. I can sense the difference—it makes the water softer and removes traces of heavy metals.

If your home has copper pipes, you may want to have the quality of your water checked. Of course there are many good quality mineral waters available as well.

Please know that coffee, black tea, soda, and alcohol are diuretics. Only water, herbal tea, and fresh juices are hydrating. When you drink a lot of coffee, you will need more water to compensate for the loss in fluids. (When you don’t drink enough water you need to gradually increase your water intake to avoid health problems.)

I’m sipping my water as I type this 😉 And remember: next time you think you’re hungry it pays to wonder whether you might be thirsty instead!

Have a day full of energy and inspiration!


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