How to reduce the stress of business leadership

October 11, 2022

One of the hardest things in life is to trust and follow the flow. I believe life is happening for you—not to you. And when you really believe that, it’s also true when shitty stuff happens.

Except when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, things start to feel really personal. And it becomes much harder to keep that higher perspective.

One of my clients is the managing partner of a big corporation. The way he handled an unexpected big transition is testament to the work we’ve been doing.

The power of not taking things personally and trusting how your life and career is unfolding is crucial.

He was working on a huge project and was told his contribution was coming to an end. They would have someone else take over after he had done it for several years.

He was able to navigate that smoothly. To deal with the news and take it as a positive.

Something I see to be true is “Rejection is God’s protection.” A door was closing but he trusted a window would open.

Thanks to that attitude several new doors were opening wide, allowing him to be more in his zone of genius and really do what he came here to do. He had gotten comfortable doing what he was already good at. This ‘rejection’ was an invitation to do more of what he truly excels at.

He said that through the support and everything we worked on over the past years, he can see how it’s so different. Where in the past he might’ve been knocked off course much more.

Even though he had to deal with his feelings—it wasn’t nice to hear—he was able to keep going.

In the past this event would have taken much longer and have more negative impact on how he’s feeling.

We worked on establishing more trust in the flow of life. As a result, he experiences more RESILIANCY and TRUST—in himself and the trajectory he’s on.

The ability to go with the flow, shift to a higher perspective—and not take things personally is seeing him perform at much higher levels in his position of leadership.

He’s able to manage stress way more effectively from this perspective.

If having support to see things from a higher perspective will elevate your professional potential to navigate the constant changes and challenges of business leadership—apply for a complimentary call here to see if I’m a good fit to support you through my SWEET POWERTM Transformative Mentoring.

Have a day full of energy and inspiration!

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