How to Listen to your Intuition

The divine 3-step system that allows you to make confident and inspired decisions from your heart with ease.

This is for anyone who wants to start using their inner wisdom fully!

Join me for 4 weeks of energetic up-leveling and I’ll teach you how to listen to your heart so you can save yourself a lot of time, energy and frustration

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  • Are you looking for more clarity on what you need to focus on?
  • Do you sometimes doubt your intuition and wonder whether you are making it all up?
  • Do you want to stop worrying whether you are making the right decisions?
  • Do you often wonder whether you’re listening to your fear or to your inner guidance?
  • Would you like to have a constant clear connection with your gut instinct?

I know what that is like…

I am Iris van Ooyen and I know exactly what it is like to wonder whether you just have a very vivid imagination or whether it is really your intuition you’re hearing. To question whether you can truly trust these insights, is it is a crystal clear answer or just wishful thinking?

I have a lot of experience with listening to my intuition. I also have my share of experience ignoring it. And ending up regretting that I did. Every single time. No exceptions. My stomach can still twist and turn when I think of all the time, energy and resources I wasted by ignoring my intuition or by simply not knowing the difference between listening to my fear (ego mind) or my inner knowing. And honestly, there were also times when making the wrong decision simply cost me money that I could have been using otherwise. Not to mention the disappointment, sadness and frustration. Especially knowing that most of it could have been avoided if I had known how to listen to my intuition.

Once I knew how to tap in to my gut instinct that really made a huge difference in my life and in my business. It enabled me to make the right decisions and make them faster. It helped me to avoid mistakes that would have taken a lot of time and energy to fix. I was taking no more detours. My intuition helps me take a short-cut whenever that’s available. Making myself and my work so much more effective and fun.

Over the last years I have really been honing my intuitive skills and they have helped me to become highly intuitive and work internationally with clients, supporting them with my abilities to zero in on what is going on for them.

This is the system I use every day so I can be in the flow and take aligned decisions that support me and my business growth

And don’t just take it from me, this is what it has done for participants:

Adrianne Rowe “Dear Iris, I do not know how to thank you enough for creating the Listen to Your Intuition program. There aren’t enough words to describe how much this program has benefited me. I feel this program elevated my ability to tune into my intuition at a much deeper level.

I especially found the tools and exercises you shared extremely helpful to clarify and discern the messages I received were truly coming from a pure source. These tools are now an integral part of my daily practice. I now feel far more confident in my ability to listen, trust and tune in to my Divine Guidance effortlessly.

Your guidance, mentoring and cues around the techniques were absolutely brilliant! I truly felt at complete ease with your gentle, powerful, non-judgmental and safe sacred space of support. As a very sensitive person and entrepreneur, I highly recommend this program to other highly sensitive entrepreneurs or soul-filled entrepreneurs who are seeking to strengthen their ability with simple practical skills to make inspired decisions from a completely pure Divine Source. I feel very blessed and grateful. Thank you Iris for all you do!”

Adrianne M. Rowe, Metuchen, NJ, USA,

sheri mortkoThanks to this program I’ve made ‘checking in’ a habit and a part of my spiritual practice that I cherish. My work deeply relies on my discernment and having been ‘trained’ in church settings, I have always sensed there were missing pieces…ways I could continue to grow and to strengthen this gift. How lovely to find it’s not such a huge secret or gift only given to a few…all are welcome and all may learn. What a relief! And what a powerful way to serve in the world!

Now ‘knowing that I know what I know’ is a great way to move confidently into what’s next for me. My most powerful insight is coming to understand that this is a way of knowing I have always had but had ‘turned off’. The exercises were simple and practical, they are easy ways to turn this knowing ‘back on’ for myself. I have received both long, luxurious ways to tap in as well as quick, in-the-moment ways…very helpful to know I am always ‘equipped’.

The combination of teaching, practicing, responding to posts on the forum on a call plus the Q/A calls is a perfect combo. I have already recommended this program to others! There was a great flow and I LOVELOVELOVE all that I have received.”

Sheri Mortko, Olathe, KS, USA,

Your intuition is one of your most valuable tools. Whether you are an entrepreneur or you’re building your career you want to have this system in place to successfully tune in to your intuition, so you can save time, energy and frustration and take inspired decisions for yourself and your business and career. This system has really made a huge difference in my life. It is what enables me to easily tune in and be confident about the answers I get.

I am now sharing this in my unique 4 week online group program:

How to Listen to your Intuition

The divine 3-step system that allows you to make confident and inspired decisions from your heart with ease.

This is what will be covered in the program.

During this 4 week program I will take you through the 3 divine steps to listening to your intuition.

Divine Step 1: Set the Stage

In this key piece I will show you simple and very effective ways to prepare yourself to tune in safely and with confidence, so you can connect with the highest possible vibration.

  • You will receive an activation that will help you set the energy before tuning in so you get started from a solid place
  • It improves your ability to be in the moment and makes it easier to get in touch with your feelings and inner wisdom
  • These tools will allow you to tune in safely and with confidence
  • You will know when not to tune in
  • I’ll teach you how to take care of yourself when tuning in so you are safe and only connecting with true wisdom and the highest vibration
  • I will teach you how to get rid of ‘wrong’ or uninvited energies that you might attract
  • You will know how to prepare yourself to be a clear channel for divine inspiration

Divine Step 2: Tune in to your Intuition

In this main step I will help you establish a connection with your inner wisdom and navigate the flow with the divine so you can clearly receive your answer and guidance.

  • You will receive tools that help you tap into your intuition effortlessly
  • You will receive an activation to open up your connection to flow and your inner guidance
  • I will show you several ways to receive an inspired answer to your question
  • I will assist you in activating a constant connection with your inner wisdom instead of that start and stop energy
  • I will show you how you can tune in confidently when you are stressed
  • You will know the key questions you must ask to ensure you are ready to tap into your intuition
  • You will know how to distinguish between inner guidance and ego mind resistance
  • You will build confidence in listening to your heart

Divine Step 3: Validate your Answer

This last step is crucial. There is no point in tuning in when you cannot ensure that the answer is valid and pure. In this step I will show you how you can tell whether an answer or insight is truly in your highest good

  • You will learn how to activate discernment
  • You will learn to recognize the tell-tale signs of being out of alignment
  • How to know whether you connect with a pure source of energy
  • Why it is harder to tune in properly for yourself, and how to make sure you do it ‘right’
  • Things to be aware of so you don’t mistake fear for guidance
  • I will teach you how to recognize inspired ideas
  • How you can fool yourself into thinking that something is an ‘inspired action or idea’ (something we have all done)
  • I will show you how you can avoid channeling your fear

These truly are foundational pieces! There is no point in listening to your intuition if you don’t know what to listen to or how you can ensure the quality of your insights. Even if you are currently using some form of tuning in, I believe I can take you a step further. With the increase in vibration that is going on you need to uplevel your tools and techniques as well. So you are not only able to listen to your heart but take inspired decisions with confidence and use these to support yourself and your clients.

This is what you’ll receive in this online program:

  • Three 60-minute content rich training calls in which I will teach you the 3 core principles (value €1350,-)
  • One 60 minute coaching Q&A call about the 3 foundational principles where I answer questions about this program, and I will provide you with valuable tips and insights (value €450,-)
  • Audio-recording for each call, so you can re-listen as often as you like (priceless!)
  • Weekly checklists and action-sheets so you can get the most out of this program (priceless!)
  • Access to the online forum where you can share insights, ask questions and be inspired (priceless!)

This is how it works:

You will get access to the program as soon as you register. During the coming 4 weeks you will receive 1 audio-recording of a Training Call per week. Each week you will also receive action steps to implement your insights and utilize the powerful tools. During the entire program you have full access to the online forum.

Your investment for this program:

The tuition for this program is €299,- (approx. 258 USD). (Total value €2250,00+)

And get immediate access!

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These are the results you can expect:

  • You will know how to tap into your intuition effortlessly
  • You are able to tell the difference between your fear, an inspired idea and wishful thinking
  • You will know what to focus on and what to let go of
  • You feel more confident about listening to your intuition
  • You can make better decisions and make them faster
  • You will know how to be fully in the flow and in the moment
  • You can take a short-cut whenever it is available
  • You will know how to tune in confidently when you are stressed
  • You can stop wasting time, energy and resources by taking bad decisions
  • You can support your clients & colleagues better because you have this extra tool you can access (your intuition!)

This program is well worth your time and your investment. You will learn everything you need to know to be able to tap into your intuition with confidence and to use this valuable tool for the rest of your life. So you can make better decisions and support yourself and others. Making life so much easier.

Participating in this program will help up-level your energy and raise your awareness. These are the exact same techniques that I use daily for myself and that I teach my high end private clients. And I will now share all this with you!

“Iris, I wanted to let you know how helpful your activations are for me. I am being shown HOW more clarity in my life can help me SEE the gaps with my business. It is fantastic. I’ve been asking the universe to give me answers about gaps I have with new prospects. I’ve spent my whole life suppressing intuition, so I gain clarity, but answers come in a hit & miss pattern. But now I see answers coming to me in more of a constant stream than before. THANK YOU so much!”
Vicky Scrivner, De Soto, KS, USA,
Iris van Ooyen

This program is given by Iris van Ooyen

Iris is an expert at zeroing in on what is standing in your way to be your best self. Iris facilitates powerful transformations within her clients with her energetic activations, intuitive insights and extensive experience. She helps you to be balanced and stand in your power, having enough energy left for your personal life. Thanks to her years of experience in working in the corporate world, facilitating workshops & brainstorm sessions and her intuitive abilities, she is able to cut to the chase and provide you with a wealth of information and laser focused insights in a very short period of time. She sees quickly which steps are needed to create certain changes and provides you with the necessary insights and practical action steps that you can apply right away so you can grow and be your best self. In the past 13 years Iris has already supported many clients to listen to their intuition and take the next step in their life and business or career.

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, motivation and willingness to participate. The more you put into this program in terms of listening to all the calls, doing all the exercises and taking time to explore and practice, the more you’ll get out of it.