It’s a little something I like to call SWEET POWERTM

Energy Management for Sensitive Souls.

For the ones who feel deeply.
For the ones who are gentle, and soft, and intuitive and kind.
For the healers and the light workers; the menders and the listeners. For the ones who are sweet, indeed—and maybe even a little too nice.

It’s easy to let one of your greatest gifts feel like a curse.

You’re out there every single day, giving out all of your energy. All of your verve, your time, your emotional effort, your charge. You’re a perceptive one; an empath. You can’t help but take on the world’s stuff. In many ways this serves you: your friends instinctively want to talk to you. Your clients come flocking to you. The world shows up at your doorstep with its outstretched arms, asking for your attention.

And that’s the moment when it happens.

You feel the resentment for the first time. And then maybe the second, and then the third. You start to feel drained, and exhausted, and worn out by your very own life. You feel stuck, overstimulated; most days you feel taken advantage of, or taken for granted, with neither being exactly desirable. And boundaries? Oh, boundaries. Ha! You’ve tried those before.

The truth is, you’re feeling dim.
And consumed.
And depleted.

You need an emergency evacuation plan. You need to find a way to manage your life, and its obligations, in a way that doesn’t feel like torture every single day. Most of us have never been taught how to take care of ourselves, and that needs to change.

You need to learn how to step into your SWEET POWERTM:
Energy Management for Sensitive Souls.

It’s one-part philosophy, one-part program, and one-part daily practice for helping the sweet, sensitive soul take what feels like a curse—and learn how to use it as their superpower.

Because the truth is, the very thing that drains you?

Is the very answer to everything.

The Program

The program is comprised of three principal core pillars that will help you grow your career without all the energy-drain or exhaustion—and still have plenty left over to enjoy your personal life and feel good .

These three pillars are the key to everything when it comes to managing your energy—like hours and minutes, you only have so much energy in a day. (Even though most of us like to think we can do it all!) Which means that half the time when you’re beating yourself up for not being able to finish that project, pull it off, or keep it going, it’s not that you are a failure. It’s that your energy has failed. And there’s a critical difference.

Client Testimonial

Antoinette van den Koedijk
IJsselstein, The Netherlands - Manege De Volte

I feel a clear difference thanks to this program. Before I had to take a nap in the afternoon to recharge. I can now feel how tired I used to be. Now I can go all day and even do the evening program here at the riding school.

I used to do things on willpower instead of on energy. I really took some great steps. Many things are shifting, I learned I don’t always have to take care of others at my own expense. I have more room in my shoulders and neck, the tightness is gone.

Thanks to the exercises that Iris teaches us to do daily I feel a lot better! It has also provided me with a lot of insight in how tuned in I am to other people and how that drains me. Today when I got up my energy level was higher than it has been in many years. I can’t even remember when I’ve last had that much energy. I can highly recommend this program!”

Buy Now & Get Your Energy Back Tomorrow

The SWEET POWERTM Energy Management System for Sensitive Souls is now available for access! You can begin the first pillar today, following your purchase of the program.

All materials are delivered via email, one module per week, for the next six weeks, starting the date you register.

Let’s take a look at these three, life-changing pillars in depth.


Pillar #1: Manage Your Energy

Your energy today has a shelf life—and that means you need to learn how to work with what you’ve got before it’s gone. This is where most people accidentally undermine themselves: by delegating their energy in ineffective ways, and then not having enough left over for the important stuff. Whether that’s your business, your job, your family, your friends, or something else, you need to learn to manage the energy you’re granted every day in a way that makes sense for you.

When you learn to manage your energy, you will:

Carolyn Herfurth - Founder of TheBizTruth.Com

Pillar #2: Uplevel your Self-Care

You aren’t at fault, but you ARE a big part of managing your own energy. Because you might be able to tap into your energy, but if you aren’t managing it well, your life still becomes chaotic and out of control. This pillar is key to helping you recognize the things you’re doing that serve you, and the things you may be doing that don’t.

When you learn to uplevel your self-care, you will learn:


Pillar #3: Set Healthy Boundaries

The third pillar out of the trifecta: setting boundaries like a graceful, gracious pro. Because you might do everything right in managing your own energy, but by letting other people step in and take it whenever they want, we inadvertently sabotage ourselves over and over again. (Ouch.) That said, setting boundaries is difficult for most everybody. We often find it hard to say ‘no’ and don’t want to disappoint others, and we are often not aware of what we really need to be balanced and stay healthy. All the more reason that we need to learn time-tested strategies for setting boundaries in a way that feels natural and easy for you, instead of forced and uncomfortable.

When you learn to set healthy boundaries, you will:

These three pillars of energy management will change your life forever—and that’s not an exaggeration. You cannot safely excel in your career and your personal happiness if you don’t have a grip on managing your energy, yourself and your boundaries.

The biggest benefit, however? It’s not just about taking care of yourself, but taking care of the people you love and serve, and being able to give to them, too. Because life is meant to be enjoyed.

So often, we’re stuck in a pattern of being too serious about our work, our responsibilities, and the way people perceive us. But when you learn how to manage your energy, everything gets lighter—including your load and your mood.

And light? Well, that’s a beautiful goal to have. And a necessary one, at that.

Client Testimonial

Paul Vrenken
Veldhoven, The Netherlands - Triskal

Thanks to this program I am more conscious of my energy level. I understand and embrace my sensitivity more—and use it for myself and others. Just knowing that I’m ‘allowed’ to be sensitive is a big relief.

I have also gotten a lot of confidence from the exercises, activations and calls. I have more self-knowledge, balance and focus. I finally know how I can protect my energy and I have incorporated the exercises into my daily routine. That gives a lot of grip and feels great.

The way Iris presents everyting gives me a lot of confidence, because of the energy behind the information and the way she talks about it. I really appreciate the diligence, integrity, sincerity and professionalism with which you do this Iris! If you are prepared to change from the inside out and want to feel better, in order to better support and connect with your clients then I can highly recommend this program for you.

Energy Management System for Sensitive Souls

You could work with Iris 1:1 to achieve the same results, but in the interest of making this mission-critical system more widely accessible, affordable and available, Iris has transformed her groundbreaking work in this area into an online program, now available for download and self-study for a limited time.

When you purchase the SWEET POWERTM Energy Management System for Sensitive Souls, you’ll spend the next six weeks learning side-by-side with Iris in a virtual classroom, where she’ll guide you through the system, step-by-step, via a series of six exclusively produced audio trainings that teach you and walk you through the theory and the practice of the three pillars (6 hours total), guiding you to implement each one in your life.

One audio training is delivered each week, allowing you to pace yourself and really absorb and integrate the information, as each part of the system builds upon the last.

In addition, you’ll also receive helpful weekly checklists and action-sheets so you can implement the tools and incorporate the exercises into your day-to-day life with ease (without always having to refer back to the audios).

And furthermore, you’ll also gain exclusive access to a private online forum where you can continue the conversation, receive extra support and have a 24/7 place to go whenever you need a little boost of confidence.

Client Testimonial

Saskia Slotboom
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Slotboom Coaching

I am very satisfied with the program. I am now less often overwhelmed by emotions and stimuli around me, and I am more serious about taking care of myself. I am more aware of the state that I am in and when others ‘enter my space’. I now recognize when I need to take action. Things cost me less energy now because I am better at protecting my boundaries.

Through this program I have also learned to feel whether an emotion is mine or someone else’s by doing the easy and very useful exercises. I really loved those! The exchange between the participants works powerful as well. You learn a lot from the questions others ask, that’s very valuable. The visualizations that Iris guided us through were very beautiful and powerful. I can highly recommend this program if you want to get a grip on your sensitivity!

Buy Now & Get Your Energy Back Tomorrow

The SWEET POWERTM Energy Management System for Sensitive Souls is now available for access! You can begin the first pillar today, following your purchase of the program.

All materials are delivered via email, one module per week, for the next six weeks, starting the date you register.

This is what Shelly said one year after taking this program:

Shelly Byrne
Covington, KY, USA - Earth Joy

“When I looked back at where I was a year ago I was amazed at the progress I made. One of the bigger things when I look back is the boundary piece, like how it has really set me up to be able to be more in my zone of genius. I just have more energy to be where my brilliance is because of the tools that you gave me.

And I’m able to have more energy on my days off, and that’s crucial because before when I was having a day off I would take a nap. I noticed that I am able to sleep a lot deeper. I used to wake up a lot and now I am able to go into that deep sleep so when I wake up I feel rejuvenated. It’s huge! And I am no longer doing all these little things that used to suck away my energy. It is also easier for me to say no and be ok with it.

And one of the biggest things is realizing that I don’t have to help everyone I come in contact with and if I don’t help them that’s ok! That’s probably one of the biggest tools.

This program is well worth the investment, because you can listen to it over and over again and I love the way Iris did it over a period of time so it is easy to implement. It’s like a step by step process. Iris did it in a way that was doable. I immediately trust her and trust her soul. That makes the work easier to do!”

About Creator,
Iris van Ooyen


Iris van Ooyen is the creator of the SWEET POWERTM approach to personal and career development, growth, and self-care designed for those who have big things to do in this world, but who often feel drained by the demand that showing up big requires.

Through her research, she’s identified four distinctive stages that sensitive souls experience in their growth process, and the underbelly of her work lies in helping that particular audience determine where they are on the growth curve, and​ ​discover​ ​the​ ​right​ ​steps​ ​to​ ​move forward—and​ ​kick​ ​a**.

An MBA with a background in corporate marketing, Iris combines her extensive business experience with her renowned razor-sharp intuitive insights in order to support those struggling in their career, business, or high performance as a whole. Her clients—including Olympic athletes and entrepreneurs to business managers and teams—praise her ability to quickly zero in on what is not working and facilitate energetic transformations that carry over into all aspects of life and work.

Buy Now & Get Your Energy Back Tomorrow

The SWEET POWERTM Energy Management System for Sensitive Souls is now available for access! You can begin the first pillar today, following your purchase of the program.

All materials are delivered via email, one module per week, for the next six weeks, starting the date you register.


Ann-Charlotte Zwetsloot
Zoetermeer, The Netherlands - Praktijk Harmonie

The online program has brought me a lot: by doing the exercises daily I feel less tired. I feel stronger and it’s easier to trust the process! It has also given me more self-confidence!  I now dare to take certain steps and become more visible.

This program also made me realize how often and easily I take over other people’s energies. I am now consciously aware of this so I can place things better. I now know how important it is to protect myself and do so often with the exercises I learned here. I’m so grateful for that!

It’s easier to stay focused on myself and I feel much more centered. I especially have a lot more energy, I went from 20-30% to 70-80%!! I see a clear difference in how I feel now thanks to this program and that makes me very happy!

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