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December 27, 2023

On these darkest days of the year (in the Northern hemisphere at least) I wanted to spread a little light 🙂

This inspired message from the Carriers of Light is about end of year reflection as well as inspiration for the year to come.

You can listen to the entire message here, or read an excerpt below.

If you’re curious who the Carriers of Light are, you can read more here.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

“We are grateful for your eagerness to allow yourself to evolve, to raise your vibration, to expand your capacity to hold light, to hold love, embrace yourself and others on this journey. As you’re learning to navigate life, as you’re learning to navigate this journey, as you’re learning more about yourself and those around you. As you’re learning to see with more clarity who you are, who you’ve been, and who you are becoming. As you’re more conscious about the triggers in your life, the buttons you can push and the ones you can resist pushing. For they no longer bring you what you once thought they would present or bring forth.

As you’re gazing back on your life, on this year, as you’re looking forward to the remainder of this path, of this journey, of what the new year will bring. As you’re allowing yourself to open up, allowing yourself to expand your willingness to receive. As we’re inviting you to open up more and more from the inside out, allowing yourself to shift, allowing yourself to release what no longer serves, and allowing yourself to shake up those habits and those beliefs that are no longer congruent with where you are and certainly not with where you are going. Where you are desiring and intending to go.

The goals and the dreams that you’ve already manifested are bleak in comparison to that which you are yet to attain, the goals, the dreams that you are yet to embrace, to enjoy, and the ones that you are aspiring to. As you feel the magnetic pull of those dreams and desires of your soul, as you feel the cornerstones, the gems that have been placed on your path. As you feel the connection with one or more people surrounding you. As you’re allowing yourself to expand and as you cast a glance around you, noticing who is present in your vision, who is present in your vicinity, and who is present as an active part of your daily life. Your daily life, physically, emotionally, or mentally. Those that are connected to you through birth, those that are connected to you through life and experience, and those who are here present in the unseen dimensions who’ve been ever connected and ever present.

Know that you can reach out for support any anytime, any day. Know that you can allow yourself to open up to more flow, more ease, more joy, more possibility. Know that you can still expand further and wider into what is able and what you are able to obtain, to allow and to receive. Especially as you are magnifying your potential, as you’re allowing yourself to grow beyond what you’ve currently seen and done and experienced. So you’re expanding your capacity to receive, expanding your capacity and your ability to allow. To stop blocking that which is already here, which is already present, which is already within touching distance in your life.

As you glance around the corner, you will see there is so much for you in store, so much that you’ve been calling for that’s already present, that you haven’t been able to allow in—for you’ve closed your eyes or closed your beliefs to it being ready, to you being ready, or it being possible at all.


Allow yourself to see your life through the eyes of wonder, through the eyes of magic, through the eyes of possibility. Know that whatever it is that you choose to achieve, to attract, to experience, to enjoy—it is within your capabilities or you would not dream of that experience.

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“I am deeply grateful for the message the Carriers of Light showed me in the call. It really touches me deeply. I have relistened to it several times. A shower of love, compassion and insights.” — Myrtle

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