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SWEET​ ​POWERTM Activations:
21​ ​Days​ ​to​ ​More​ ​Energy, Less​ ​Stress,​ ​and​ ​a​ ​Healthy, Happy,​ ​Grounded​ ​Headspace

That​ ​Feels​ ​Good​ ​to​ ​Be​ ​In​.

(Because meditation isn’t the only way to get the job done.)

Oh, the inner work.

It’s not easy to force yourself to sit down and do things like meditate when you’re a person who doesn’t actually love meditating. Maybe traditional meditation isn’t your thing, maybe your mind is too full of creative ideas to think about nothing for more than a minute, or maybe it’s all a little too woo-woo for you.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of your mind, energy, emotions and thoughts. It just means you need to find a way that you actually enjoy.


SWEET POWERTM Activations are a hip new way to give your brain the gorgeous, powerful meditative space it needs, without the traditional pomp and circumstance. Instead of sitting in silence on the floor cross-legged with your fingers clasped like an angry Italian grandmother—*wide grin*—you can be anywhere, anytime, and just pop an earbud into your ear for a quick energy reboot, instantly.

Because SWEET POWERTM Activations are a bit like a snappy, modern guided meditation: your journey will be hosted by me, Iris van Ooyen, as I personally guide you with my voice through 15-20 minutes daily of soothing, contemplative, high-vibe energy.

But this isn’t just a bunch of ohms and ahs: every SWEET POWERTM Activation contains a practical focus, where we’ll walk through a mental visualization on a different topic every day, so your body, mind and soul all get the attention they need—and you raise your vibration to the sky.

sabine van meenen
Sabine van Meenen
Knokke, Belgium - Sabine van Meenen

The special guided visualizations help me to get closer to my essence. By experiencing them daily I feel more freedom and love. Thanks to Iris’s activations my intuition and energy have grown stronger. This program is worth many times the investment!

Iris-van-Ooyen-10 21_ Days_ _to_ _More_ _Energy & Less_ _Stress

21 days. One activation per day. A whole new sense of revitalized, vibrant energy, positivity and well-being on the other side.

Ginger Burr
Lynn, MA, USA - Total Image Consultants

“This program has been invaluable to me. I have spent the past 3 days at the hospital with my mom and I have listened to the activations two of the mornings. I feel like it centers me during a really stressful time. THANK YOU!”

Make your Inner Work easy!

Get the SWEET POWERTM 21-Day Activation Collection for just €21. That's only €1 per day. I’ve made doing the inner work easy. Now all you have to do is listen.

Activation #1 will be instantly downloadable upon purchase.

Client Testimonial

melodee wagen
Melodee Wagen

I’m simply loving the series! I’m doing them first thing in the morning as a form of meditation. I think the length is perfect, your voice is soothing and clear, the pauses between directions are the right length for me, and the images and the work we do with the activations is reinforcing a lot of work I’m doing to grow my business and shed negative thinking. Thanks Iris!

SWEET POWERTM Activations: Based on Proven Science

As you may know, everything is made of energy and, therefore, everything has a certain vibrational frequency. Studies have shown that The Scale of Consciousness ranges from 20 (shame) to 1000 (enlightenment), and something like fear calibrates at 100—eeekk!—whereas love is vibrating at 500.

The research has shown that “all attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and associations below the vibrational level of 200 make a person go weak. Those that calibrate higher than 200 make a subject go strong. This is the balance point between weak and strong attractors; between negative and positive influence.” 1

Because of this, the level of 200 is considered the initial level of empowerment, and that’s precisely what SWEET POWERTM Activations aim to do: get you over 200, and then up, up, and upward, we go. Raising your vibration is a continuous, ongoing process, and that’s why the SWEET POWERTM Activations run for 21 days: so you can boost your vibrations over and over again.

Other wildly beautiful, life-changing benefits that raising your vibration has been proven to offer:


karen vago1
Karen Vago
Paris, France -

I am loving the 21-Day Activations.  I can’t wait to discover the next one. I haven’t yet completed them all but feel they will become a regular practice. Each one is beautifully different from the other and takes you to an imaginary space in your mind where all creation is possible.

I feel more grounded, more in control (in a good way!) of my time and more confident in my business and life. Thanks Iris for these 15 minute interludes that bring a special flavour to each day!

How​ ​Does​ ​It​ ​Work?
How​ ​Do​ ​I​ ​Begin?

You’ll purchase the SWEET POWERTM 21-Day Activations Collection and will receive Activation #1 immediately for download upon checkout, straight to your email. (Hooray!)

Then, every day for the next 21 days, you’ll receive a new activation first thing in the morning, which you can download and listen to at your leisure.

It’s like having a wise, intuitive guide at your bedside every morning, gently waking you and reminding you to start the day off with intention, with strength, with kindness, and with generosity to yourself—something that not a lot of us have time for, these days.

These audios were originally recorded during my 1st live 21-day activation years ago. The audio quality is reflective of that time. However, the energy of these activations is so potent that I’ll never change them. If audio quality is more important to you than energy, then this program is not for you. If raising your vibe and the power of pure energy matters most, then you will love this.


Vicky Scrivner
De Soto, KS, USA

Iris, I wanted to let you know how helpful your activations are for me. I am being shown HOW more clarity in my life can help me SEE the gaps with my business. It is fantastic. I’ve been asking the universe to give me answers about gaps I have with new prospects. I’ve spent my whole life suppressing intuition, so I gain clarity, but answers come in a hit & miss pattern. But now I see answers coming to me in more of a constant stream than before. THANK YOU so much for these activations.

Make your Inner Work easy!

Get the SWEET POWERTM 21-Day Activation Collection for just €21. That's only €1 per day. I’ve made doing the inner work easy. Now all you have to do is listen.

Activation #1 will be instantly downloadable upon purchase.

About Creator,
Iris van Ooyen


Iris van Ooyen is the creator of the SWEET POWERTM approach to personal and career development, growth, and self-care designed for those who have big things to do in this world, but who often feel drained by the demand that showing up big requires.

Through her research, she’s identified four distinctive stages that sensitive souls experience in their growth process, and the underbelly of her work lies in helping that particular audience determine where they are on the growth curve, and​ ​discover​ ​the​ ​right​ ​steps​ ​to​ ​move forward—and​ ​kick​ ​a**.

An MBA with a background in corporate marketing, Iris combines her extensive business experience with her renowned razor-sharp intuitive insights in order to support those struggling in their career, business, or high performance as a whole. Her clients—including Olympic athletes and entrepreneurs to business managers and teams—praise her ability to quickly zero in on what is not working and facilitate energetic transformations that carry over into all aspects of life and work.

What clients are saying

Adrianne M. Rowe
Metuchen, NJ, USA - Violet Petals Yoga

I am so very grateful for Iris’s program “21-day Activations”. All I can say is WOW.

This program helped me to deepen my intuition, renew my energy and “raise my vibration” in ways I had forgotten about after a stretch of some personal experiences that became a huge drain on my energy.  I also notice more when my energy gets out of sync, and I simply make the extra time to readjust by re-listening to any of the 21-day activations.

I really like how the program is set up and I looked forward to listening every day.

I love my re-newed energy, flow, and elevated awareness. It feels so much lighter, smoother, and open now. Thank you Iris for sharing your brilliance! ?

Make your Inner Work easy!

Get the SWEET POWERTM 21-Day Activation Collection for just €21. That's only €1 per day! I’ve made doing the inner work easy. Now all you have to do is listen.

Activation #1 will be instantly downloadable upon purchase.

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