Why embracing your sensitivity is key

July 5, 2013

These are some of the common challenges when you are highly sensitive:

Embracing your sensitivity really is key. The challenge here is that you often experience your sensitivity as something that is holding you back. It may feel like a burden.

I know I have cursed my sensitivity, it made me feel weak and vulnerable and incompetent. It meant I was unable to do things that other people had no problems with whatsoever. It meant that I had to stay home because I was over-stimulated, and simply had to have some peace and quiet to make it through the rest of the day.

For years I had been wondering whether there was something wrong with me. I was easily exhausted. I could not interact with a group without being depleted. I could not go to a party without having to pay for it the next day and as you can imagine this was not great for my social life. And it was not appreciated by my partner either.

I wondered why I could not be like everyone else. Other people didn’t seem to have the problems I had. I was tired of picking up on other people’s emotions and feel like I was the gas station that everybody came by to fill up their tank. I was so tired of being tired.

I have always known that I was more sensitive than other people but I really saw it as a weakness, something that was keeping me from doing things. My sensitivity was running me instead of the other way around. And then I opened myself up to the idea that perhaps it was possible that my sensitivity could be my strength and I started to discover how I could manage it.

As soon as I was getting a grip on my sensitivity I started to see the positive sides of being sensitive. It is thanks to my extreme sensitivity that I am able to pick up on what is going on in the energy for people. It is what enables me to channel intuitive insights and bring through the healing energy that someone needs. I was now finally able to sense what someone needed without being affected by it. I could provide them with what they needed without having to feel their pain and be burdened by it.

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