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Less Clogged Emotions = More Energy

July 5, 2013

For this article I felt compelled to share something I channeled about how storing emotions in the physical body impacts our energy level:

The energy flowing in and out of every human being is equal. The differences arise in the way the human body is ready and able to cope with the amount of energy that flows into it. Many patterns and habits have formed little scar tissue on the cells open to receive this energy. When the space in the cell is occupied by emotions or other things, there is less room for the energy to enter the cell.

A space can only be occupied with one thing (‘matter’) at the same time in the same dimension of time and space. As many people have emotions stored in their human body, there is less room for the energy to move freely. To open up this room again, the emotion can be released in several ways. For example, sharing the energy/story with a loved one, listening with their heart and soul open.

The ability in which humans are able to let go of emotions dictates the room available for energy to flow freely. When some people are ‘stuck’, they are caught in this cycle of reliving or not releasing the event or emotions. This not only takes up a lot of energy but also allows the incoming energy minimum space. This could end in a vicious circle.”

To me this is fascinating. I can really see how this works and how we can get clogged over time, by repressing emotions for a variety of reasons. Often it seems easier to not show our tears for fear of being seen as weak or emotional. It’s important to realize that suppresing your emotions goes further than just that moment, and might be something you carry with you for a long time.

With everything that is going on in the energy I felt this was the perfect time to share this information with you.

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