What did 2020 bring you?

December 22, 2020

I believe you need two things to move forward. Acceptance and finding the gift.

I know 2020 has been a very difficult year—even more so for some than others. Difficult and painful and challenging. The uncertainty. The stress. The fear. The not-knowing.

But for us to make the most out of this year on a personal level, on an emotional level, we need to accept that this is what the year has brought us. We need to accept everything that this whole worldwide situation that’s affecting everything and everyone has brought us.

Because no matter how much you fight or rebel against it, that’s not going to change what is.

Once you allow yourself to accept that this year 2020 is what it is—not what you’d hoped for, not what you’d planned—but what you got. Once you can accept that that’s where you are at, with everything it has brought you, you can start to look forward.

I’d like to invite you to look at the gift of this year. Even amid the hardship and the struggle I know there’s something positive in there. It might be tiny. It might seem insignificant compared to the loss you’ve encountered or the challenges it has brought—but I know it’s there.

For some it is that they’ve had more time to spend with their family because they didn’t have to commute. For others it was being able to be outside more, rather than be holed up in the office. For some it was breathing room in their schedule.

For me it was quality time (long-distance) with my 3 year old nephew. I started reading to him via facetime to give my brother and sister-in-law a chance to get things done. It turned out he loved the stories (and was surprisingly patient!). This would not have happened had the schools not been closed while everyone worked from home.

So what was it for you? What did this crazy year of 2020 bring you that was unexpected, but something you can be grateful for?

I recommend you to pause for a moment and let that question sink in. Perhaps take out pen and paper. Journal and gather your thoughts.

Once you’re able to see and appreciate the gift, you can start the healing. You can start accepting that this is what is. That doesn’t mean you have to condone it or be happy it happened, but it does allow you to move forward rather than staying stuck.

I wish you loving, happy and healthy Holidays with your loved ones—whether that’s in person or virtually!


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