There are 2 kinds of people. Which one are you?

December 16, 2020

There are two kinds of people. Those who see loss, and those who see what they stand to gain. Which one are you?

I believe most entrepreneurs are the second kind. Entrepreneurs see opportunities and possibilities. They see a chance to create something new and exciting. They are enticed by what might be possible, by new grounds to be covered and different adventures to be had.

The first category sees all the things that can go wrong, the obstacles that stand in the way. They’re looking for certainty and confirmation.

You could say it’s similar to the glass half-full or half-empty—but it’s more than that.

There’s a deeper need underneath the desire. A fear that stops you from doing something, or a longing that propels you forward.

Do you see the potential failure of a product or idea? All the work that needs to be done, the boxes that need to be checked?

Or do you dive in headfirst? Does the idea excite you so much you’ll build the plane while you get ready to fly?

I know I fall in the second category. I love diving in fully and navigating on trust and enthusiasm. I remember I decided to organize my first in-person workshop in New York City in 2012. Simply because I was going to be in town. Why not, right?

Others asked me “Do you have a client base in NYC? How are you going to find a good location? What if nobody signs up?”

Someone else said “You are so brave taking this risk!”

I was surprised. To me it wasn’t such a big deal. Yes, of course I hoped people would register. And there was plenty to figure out. But I simply moved forward one step at a time. Found a venue right off 5th Avenue, and had a lovely workshop with I think 6 or 7 participants.

Turns out these workshops led to new private clients. So in retrospect it was a brilliant idea. But I would never have known that had I not tried it at first.

There’s so much more possible when we allow ideas to flow and we trust our inner nudges.

Whether you’re a glass half-full or half-empty person—there’s still the same amount of water in the glass, the only difference is in how you FEEL.

The same goes for your life.

You can feel great or miserable without outer circumstances changing. YOU get to decide how you feel.

It’s all about the meaning you give to things and what you focus on.

Are you someone who talks about what went wrong—or do you focus on what went right?

If you want to learn to focus on the good stuff, you’re welcome to join The Gratitude Project and strengthen your gratitude muscle.

We start on January 11th to kick off the New Year with flow and ease. I’ll help you embrace an ‘attitude of gratitude’ so you can focus on what you DO want. So you can start seeing the glass as half-full—even when the going gets tough.

I hope you’ll join me and participants from across the globe!

Read all about The Gratitude Project here.


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