This is what keeps you walled in (yes, you too)

June 7, 2019

You. You are what keeps you walled in.

I could’ve typed me. Me is what keeps me walled in. Because I do it, too. Less than before, and I catch myself sooner and sooner. But the instinct isn’t yet gone.

This is such an important topic and a theme I see a lot recently, both for myself as well as for clients and people around me. In fact it’s so important that I received a powerful message from the Carriers of Light about it. Enjoy! 🙂

Humans try to keep themselves safe by taking control over everything they can find. You feel that when you do take control over your experience that you then also control the result. You think you do—but you don’t.

All you do is exhaust yourself. You limit your possibilities and squander a large part of the time and energy you have over things you can’t control, though not for lack of trying.

You might say “That’s not true. I’ve done this and that and it yielded a result.”

Sure. We’re not claiming you don’t have the capacity to create. In fact we claim you have EVERY capacity to create. Just not how you think.

You think you create by doing, while you create by attracting—by being. You create by allowing things to take shape in your experience, not by willing them into being through action.

You think you can control not only the manifestation process but the things that may hurt you, and you try to keep them out by over-controlling things.

You try to keep a tight leash on everything you experience. Some of you package it nicely and make it sound like you are actually opening up and are allowing things into your experience.

And you do from time to time.

But it feels more like accidental mistakes when your control slipped and you couldn’t prevent that manifestation from coming in, rather than that it resulted from a conscious and deliberate allowing of that vibration.

You feel hurt. You’re scared and afraid and in order for you to feel like you have a modicum of control over your experience you exert control in all the things you can get your hands on.

You even try to control other people. And when you can’t, you try to control what you think they were thinking and accept that as your experience.

You can’t win if you play not to lose.

You can’t win if you’re strapped up so tight that the energy can’t flow freely.

You can’t win if you exhaust yourself and your body by keeping too many plates spinning.

You can’t win if you play not to lose.

So in order to win you need to understand the rules of the game. And the rules are not what you made them to be but what was installed when the original game was created. The game of humans here on Earth. The game of creation. That is the ultimate game.

The goal is to have a human experience. The game is not to screw yourself up and hold on so tight in an attempt to have any negative emotions pass you by.

The game is not walling yourself in and closing yourself off from this human experience by keeping other people out.

The game is not trying to go this alone for fear of pain of refusal, for fear of not being accepted or worthy or loved.

All these fears do is keep you in a negative spiral. And though no doubt that is a very human experience, that is not what you came here to do.

You came here to savor the delight of all the aspects of human life, of all the possibilities laid out in front of you.

So we ask you to open up. To let other people and experiences in. To allow yourself to resurrect these walls from glass first, and then find out you will not need them at all.

As long as you focus on the experience of being human. On the joys of accepting the duty is not to do it all by yourself, but your duty is to enjoy and delight in the rays of being this wonderful creature. This unlimited store of potential. To know you can create anything you can conceive off, including the bad stuff.

So lift your head up high and set your sights on what you want to achieve and experience. On what you want to receive.

— The Carriers of Light, June 4th, 2019

I hope this message resonated! It feels very profound and I know the Carriers are excited to share much more in the time to come.

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