This deserves your full focus

May 16, 2019

Today I want to share a message from the Carriers of Light with you that is all about where to place your focus and why:

Many of you get derailed because you get so caught up in what you’re supposed to or should do. You allow your actions and your To Do list to take over your days and your weeks. And before you know it another year has gone by.

We urge you, we invite you, we call you forth to allow yourself to focus attention first and foremost to who you are at your core level—at your vibrational level.

Allowing yourself to understand that everything that unfolds as vibration will have a ripple effect into the material world, into what you call tangible, in what is allowed to be touched, allowed to be seen through your eyes, through your perspective, through your experience.

We recommend you focus first and foremost on who you are on a core level and to allow the urges and the nudges that flow forth from there to dictate a large part of your day and your life.

Because as you allow yourself to be inspired by the true source of inspiration, you can trust that you will steer directly towards where you are needing to go, without allowing yourself to be derailed or take detours—unless you choose to 🙂

But if you’re desiring, if you’re wanting to steer yourself directly to whichever is your goal, your desire for this life, your next quest, your next experience in this wonderful adventure here on planet Earth, then allow the ideas to bubble forth from your inner knowing.

Tap into source, tap into source energy and allow yourself to be carried on that vibration, on that flow. Allowing yourself to make things easy and smooth, allowing yourself to not have to go it alone, to receive support—not only from those fellow human beings around you but especially from the source of all sources.

The energy deep inside you, the energy that’s at the core of this vibration, of this planet, of this solar system, the vibrational source energy, the God energy, the energy that permeates everything and everyone, inside you and around you. Knowing that you can tap into this powerful energy every second of every single day. Whether or not you perceive time the same as those around you, know that the moment is now.

This is the moment you get to choose to do things differently, to be aligned, to be in the flow, to be inspired and to act from there.

To act less, and to BE more.

To do less and to allow yourself to be carried, to be taken to your next destination—not by being lazy, not by allowing yourself to sit back and wait for things to happen but by consciously and actively focusing your attention on that which is deep inside you, that vibration of the things you wish to achieve and accomplish.

Not allowing yourself to be derailed by the fears and the worries that you put so much effort into—and don’t they always manifest exactly according to your fears? Because what you’re pouring your attention into will manifest instantly.

So focus on your ideas and desires, on the joy, on what makes this life worth living, on the love, the vibration, the peace, the flow—even better than you could’ve imagined.

Then allow yourself to experience that by opening your heart, your arms wide, by opening your heart chakra and everything around you. Tap into that source every single day.

Start with it.

Lead your day with energy and let everything flow from there.”

I know how much of a difference it makes when I do this, when I tune in and tap into the energy first. I hope you will remember to do that as well 🙂


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