Are you a (recovering) perfectionist?

July 1, 2019

I’m a perfectionist who has learned to be less control-freakery over time. But it’s not something that comes natural. In certain areas I’ve been able to let go of control completely, but there are still several where I prefer it if things are done ‘my way’.

Because when something gets done according to my standards I have more certainty over the quality of the end result. Or so I think.

When you are trying to control the outcome it means you don’t have faith in what happens when you’re not on top of things.

Because you are the one that makes things happen, right?


We think we create results with our actions but our energies influence what we do a million fold stronger!

You’ve heard me say before that we’re not a human DOing but a human BEing. But most of us still don’t act like we truly get that…

We switch to doing things when we’re not getting the results we desire. But that is fundamentally wrong.

I’m sorry to have to put it so bluntly but it’s crucial that you understand.

More action is NOT what will create the desired result. A shift in your energy WILL!

And that is what I support my individual clients with.

We all have deep-seated fears that make us want to control details, situations and people. Because somehow we think that if we exercise enough control, we’ll get the result we’re looking for.

The bad thing is that in some cases it worked—confirming this wrongly held belief, and reinforcing the grip your subconscious mind has on your actions.

When we work together you’ll get clear on which fear held you in its grip and why it’s been so hard to surrender and trust the process, trust the flow of life.

After releasing this fear you literally open the door to miracles because you no longer hold the energy hostage.

My Tranformative Mentoring goes deep and we’ll work at the core energetic level. Changes there will ripple through in your entire life.

You’ll have more time and energy to do things you love. You’ll experience more ease and flow.

If that resonates I invite you to apply for a complimentary Clarity Session.

I look forward to speak to you 🙂

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