How to shift your energy, instantly

July 22, 2019

Once the energy shifts, everything changes.

But how do you shift your energy?

You change your energy by changing your vibration.

Now that is easier said than done.

Let’s first look at what it means to vibrate at a certain level.

Thanks to Dr David Hawkins we have a clear overview of the scale of consciousness:

The scale ranges from 20 (shame) to 1000 (enlightenment). His research shows, for example, that fear calibrates at 100 whereas love is vibrating at 500.

As he describes in his book Power vs. Force: “All attitudes, thoughts, feelings, associations, entities, or historical figures below the vibrational level of 200 make a person go weak. Those that calibrate higher than 200 make subjects go strong. This is the balance point between weak and strong attractors, between negative and positive influence.”

The level of 200 is considered the initial level of empowerment. It is characterized by the willingness to stop blaming and accept responsibility for one’s own actions, feelings and beliefs.

In other words: it’s crucial to vibrate above 200 as it makes life so much easier and fun. And the more you can raise your vibration, the more you can use your energy to create the life you want.

Shifting your energy starts by becoming aware of what you focus on. When you spend your time thinking about all the things you miss in life, you’ll get more of that.

If you can turn your attention to being grateful for what you do have—because we all have something to be grateful for—then you open the doors wide to more good to come into your life.

Aside from practicing gratitude, which I recommend you start doing if you aren’t already, you can raise your vibration quickly by channeled guided activations.

That’s the entire reason I created my SWEET POWER™ Activations.

For 21 days you’ll get a guided visualization. All you have to do is hit play and listen.

With each guided activation you get the support to raise your vibe, and because you do this for 21 days in a row you create a new foundation. A higher frequency that becomes your new normal.

Read all about this powerful program here.

Because once you shift the energy, everything changes.

As a participant emailed me this weekend:

“I just listened to the first activation and I’m having so many strong chills and sensations in my body as the energy works its magic. This first one was really powerful for me. I feel wonderful and so look forward to the next ones!”

That’s what I wish for you too!


PS Did you know you can gift this product to someone? You can even have the delivery set for a specific (birthday) date 😉

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