Summer Reading

August 27, 2019

I hope you’re enjoying the summer! For me it’s a great time to read and relax. So unreal to know people are reading my novel in their vacation!

This picture was sent to me by an excited reader from Coral Bay, Australia 🙂

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It’s been scary exciting to hear what people thought of my debut novel in the past months. After having worked on this book for over three years I’m grateful to get so many wonderful reviews:

“Imagine a world without electricity, commerce, and love. Welcome to Iris van Ooyen’s post-apocalyptic world. I rooted for the heroine, Iris, as she tiptoed through a world seemed destined to destroy her. The writing is clear, accessible, and at sometimes, more than you can bear.

I loved watching Iris as she gained control over her own destiny. This book is a page turner that you will be sad to finish.

A classic good vs. evil tale that had me reading late into the night.” — Eileen Hammond

“A masterful first novel of young adult fantasy, author van Ooyen alternately surprises and delights, never shy about sharing the deep mysteries of another, simpler age. The fast paced story is supported by short, often breathless chapters, urging the reader to enjoy the ‘being and becomings’ of the heroine. Kudos!” — Micheal Sullivan

“This story connects the reader to the magic of spiritual energy in a way that is not only believable, but can be learned from. This is an easy read with short chapters – hard to put down.” — Rek

I hope you will enjoy my book, too!

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