You can stop pretending.

April 29, 2022

Last week one of the participants in my Carriers of Light Mastermind asked why she felt resistance to this new phase in her journey. The inspired message we received was so powerful that I felt I had to share it with you, too.

Because I feel the world needs us to show up fully—not just with the parts that feel acceptable or easy to share. For this world to flourish, we need all of you (as in all of your components) to be present.

If you’re human, chances are that you’ve been hurt or disappointed at some time in your life. If that’s you, then read on.

“All of your experiences where you were disappointed in matters of the heart, where you were hurt or where what you were hoping would come true took a different course. And where you allowed yourself to open up and connect to others and felt unseen or unheard, where you felt you had to shrink in order to be deserving, where you felt you had to keep yourself small in order to be acceptable, in order to be allowed to be present, in order to be allowed to take part at the table, to take a place, however small, you felt you needed to pretend.

You needed to pretend to disguise part of who you were. That part of you that feels unsafe to be seen, to be allowed into the world. A part of you that’s yet to come to full blossom in this experience. …

No longer closing off parts of you, no longer compartmentalizing that which you can safely show and allow to be seen. Allowing yourself to merge and to allow all these colors that make up who you are to swirl together. To swirl together and become the new you, the new you that you are invited to be. The new you that you are needing to be in order to unlock this part, this next door, this next leg of your journey.

[This is an excerpt of the message. I highly recommend listening to the entire audio at the bottom of this post.]

What the Carriers of Light basically said is in order for you to be ready for this next part of your life, you need to embrace all the parts of who you are. Even the bits you don’t like or wish were not there. Because when you allow all of your colors to swirl together you end up with a unique tint—a unique vibration—that unlocks that particular door.

If you hold back on even one little thing, if you keep that hidden and don’t allow it to mix in then the color (vibration) you end up with is not the TRUE you. And it won’t give you access to what’s waiting for you.

If you have questions about that, please feel free to email me at clientcare[at]2brighteyes[dot]com because I feel this is a crucial element for all of us to move forward.

I’m not saying embracing all of who you are is going to be an easy process, but it is a necessary one! And it’s one of the things we do in the monthly Gatherings with the Carriers of Light.

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PPS You can listen to the entire message here:

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