Your body speaks. Are you listening?

April 15, 2022

Our body speaks to us all the time. The question is: “Are you listening?”

Our physical body tries to get our attention by sending us constant signals. These signals start off subtle: a feeling of discomfort, loss in energy or simply a sense that something is off.

When we ignore these first warning signs, our body gives us stronger hints. You might get a cold, a headache or feel tension in your shoulder. Hopefully these problems at least make you pause and give yourself a chance to recover.

But more often we tend to push through because we’re busy and our to-do list seems endless. So you might take an aspirin, eat extra vegetables or get a massage.

While increasing your intake of vitamins and relaxation are great, they only deal with the surface problem. The real problem is that you might not be taking good enough care of yourself. That you place listening to your body at the bottom of your priorities. Because you simply don’t seem to have the time, or the energy, to stop what you’re doing long enough to give your body what it needs. Or to even get clear on what it is that your body requires.

Most of the time we muddle along, hoping we’ll recover quickly so we can get on with what’s really important. Or so we think.

Ignoring the cues from our body time and again, coupled with not giving ourselves the space to fully recover from a common cold or illness, means we deplete our body. We erode our health, our vitality and our energy level. Not because we want to—but because we haven’t learned how to avoid this pitfall.

The younger you are, the easier it is to get away with this behavior. But you’ll pay for it eventually. Your body will get to the point where it can no longer pretend to be okay and you’ll risk developing a (chronic) illness.

Chances are you won’t start listening until your body’s signals have become so loud or uncomfortable that you can no longer ignore them.

I believe we need to heed the first call that something is off.

When we learn to hear the earliest whisper of our body, we can prevent a lot of problems. You’ll have more energy, be more productive and efficient, it will be easier to focus and you will not risk the accumulation of physical problems. In addition, you’ll save a lot of time, worry, frustration and money in trying to salvage a problem you could have prevented.

Stop drowning out your body’s signals by staying busy and in your head, by escaping on social media or numbing your (emotional) pain through food, shopping, gaming or exercising excessively.

The quicker you’ll act on a disbalance in your body, the easier it will be to right the situation. And the less you’ll damage your health.

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