Why you need to slow down

November 26, 2013

It seems so obvious, and yet I know a lot of people make this mistake. Myself included. To keep running around, being busy and doing lots of stuff, getting things ready, going through the motions of keeping all your plates spinning. And then we forget to take some time to slow down.

I was recently forced to slow down when I sprained my big toe I am literally not moving as fast as usual. I admit, it was very annoying. And when I was struggling to get from the kitchen back to the couch, I realized I was seeing things more clearly. Paying attention to details I would otherwise blast by.

The same goes for listening to our intuition. We need to slow down and be still. Truly take the time to listen. To stop and open ourselves to hear our inner wisdom. So we can benefit from the inherit wisdom that lies dormant inside.

So let me ask you: is it time for you to slow down?

Even if it is just for 5 minutes. To put your to-do list on hold and sit still. Just be. In that moment of being, release the need to be productive, of having to do something. Just be still. And allow your inner wisdom to find you. Connect with that deep knowing part of you that we all have. Even if you have not listened to it before, even if you have trouble hearing it, even if you are not sure what it is saying.

Then the magic can happen. The magic of hearing your intuition.

There are a lot of things that can get in the way of hearing our intuition. Or in being able to interpret it correctly. But the first and most important step is deciding you want to listen to it. To take a moment to stand still, showing yourself and the Universe that you are serious. That even though you may not have a clue on how to do it, you choose to hear your intuition. That’s where it starts.

So what if it didn’t work?

Do it again. This may take practice. So keep slowing down, keep listening. And don’t forget to unplug the radio, TV, neigbours’ kids or any other background noise.

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