Lessons from my big toe

November 26, 2013

Almost 2 weeks ago I went to the market to pick up fabric for new curtains. Beautiful lavender linen. It didn’t come packaged as I had expected or I would not have come by bike. We got creative and strapped the cylinder with the linen on my bike like a rocket. I was pretty proud of myself and took a picture of it, as you can see. All went well up until the point that I parked my bike at home. I got distracted by an approaching car and before I knew it the bike fell on my big toe. The steering wheel of my bike had gravitated towards my toe with a precision that is truly amazing and probably hard to repeat. It landed on my toe with full impact. Ouch!

I wasn’t exactly happy but quickly went inside to put some helicryse essential oil on my toe to avoid the swelling and turning blue. Pretty amazing stuff. It worked quite well; however, it was still so painful that I went to see the doctor who sent me on to the hospital for x-rays. Interesting thing was that while I was waiting in the emergency room, there were 3 other women who had also injured their right foot. And we had quite some fun about that. Finally I spoke to the doctor who had examined the x-ray pictures. “The bone looks fantastic!”. Ok, good news. He even said: “there is nothing wrong with your toe, you can walk on it”. Huh. Interesting, since I could not walk on it nor bend it. He left before I knew what happened and I was flabbergasted. So was my friend who was with me. I shared the story with my dad later that evening and he said “Of course! The toe was not as swollen or blue as it would normally be (thanks to the helicryse) so it did not fit the profile of a sprained toe. And since it was not broken it thus had to be ok in his mind.”

It really felt like I was living in a different reality than the doctor. My friend brought me home and even groceries (thank you Liesbeth!). So that solved some of the practical. But I was still left with processing the rest of the story. I know it has information for me on different layers and I’m still unwrapping some of them. Part is that I need to take more time off to really relax and do nothing, which the toe got done quite well. I sat on the couch all weekend and read books. Not too bad 😉 But there is deeper meaning to it as well. Part of what the story with the doctor brought up is that he didn’t get me and thought I was exaggerating. And that stirred up some old stuff of where I have been more sensitive than other people and noticed things they didn’t and then made me feel like I was overreacting. The beautiful thing is that where in the past I had just a few people who understood me, I now have a lot of people who get me and take me seriously. Just a few, like the doctor, don’t see things the way I do. And that’s ok.

And when I stop to realize that, I can see how much has shifted in my life, things I probably could not have comprehended several years ago. So just know that when you feel there are not many people who get you or what you do, it is simply a matter of time before they will. You are not alone. There are people out there who need you. Even if they still have trouble finding you.

I may be sharing more of the insights in the coming weeks. I do know that this is a not so gentle tap on the toe to get my attention. Is there something in your life that is trying to get your attention? Do you perhaps ignore some of the intuitive insights you are getting?

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