Why feeling great makes you successful in 2013

July 5, 2013

The New Year is approaching rapidly and I am working on fine-tuning my plans for 2013. A lot of things have changed for me this year and I intend to continue the growth of myself and my business. Being as sensitive as I am, I need to make sure that I manage my energy and match my calendar and intentions accordingly. An important question I asked myself is “What do I need to feel great in 2013?”

Before I tell you the answer to my question I would like to invite you to answer this question for yourself. “What do you need to feel great in 2013?” And really think back of times when you felt a lot of energy and excitement and felt strong. What made you feel that energy? What excites you and helps you to stand in your power? These are probably things that help you feel great. So please take a moment right now and write down for yourself what you need in order to feel great. And just write down anything that comes to mind, even if it doesn’t seem to make any sense. You can always scratch it out later. For now just let it pour out….

Ok. Now that you have written down what you need to feel great, I will tell you what I got. And how this will help you to build and maintain a successful business.

The three main things that I need to feel great are:

  1. Time to myself. I am more sensitive than most people, and as a result I need quite some time to myself to regroup and rejuvenate. When I don’t have enough time to myself it drains my energy and I can get easily irritated and over stimulated. And that is not very productive when you want to build and grow your business. By the way: everyone needs time to themselves. The average is one hour per day.
  2. Inspiration. I tend to have a lot of spontaneous ideas. Inspiration comes up at the weirdest moments. But in order to really come up with great ideas and aha’s I also need to set aside time for those ideas to come to the surface. I can be very productive in brainstorming on the spot (I used to facilitate brainstorm sessions 😉 but often the most brilliant ideas come to you when you least expect it. So I schedule moments where I don’t ‘have’ to be productive but have some more space to let things evolve. Like writing this Ezine. Yes, I need to just sit down and get started and write. But I know it is so much more effortlessly and faster when I have inspiration to start with.
  3. Relaxation. I love to have some time to relax and do nothing. A couple of hours where I don’t need to be productive or focused but can really do whatever it is I feel like doing. Whether that is to read a book, take a walk outside or enjoy a wellness day with a dear friend. This is the time where I can really unwind and restore energy on a deeper level. When I am really busy I can have a tendency to skip this and work a few more hours in the weekend. But I also know that in the end I not only feel better but can do so much more when I honour the need to relax.

So these are the 3 main things that I need in order to feel great. And if you want to be successful, you want to focus on feeling great. Because it is so much more productive to create from a centered place of happiness than demanding solutions from a place of feeling worn out. When you feel great it is much easier to be in the flow and to stand in your power.

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