5 steps to create your 2013 dreams

July 5, 2013

This summer I was in New York for a training. The weekend before I was wandering around NY without any special plan, and I was drawn into the Times Square Visitor Centre. It turns out they have the New Year’s Eve Ball on display there. This ball will be ‘dropped’ at midnight on New Year’s Eve in the middle of Times Square.

Together with the descend of the ball they shower confetti on the spectators. This confetti consists of coloured pieces of paper on which people have written their hopes and dreams for the New Year. I was so touched by that, there was a very special energy present near the Wishing Wall.

Wishing wall on Times Square Visitor Centre

I have made my wish on a beautiful purple piece of confetti and added it to the Wishing Wall. It will now be part of the thousands of wishes that will be floating through the air on midnight December 31st.

“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them”

Walt Disney

I want to invite you to think about your hopes and dreams for 2013. If you could add your hope or dream to the Wishing Wall on Times Square; what would you write? Just think for a moment about what you want to create for yourself or your business in 2015.

Now when you have given some serious, or perhaps playful, thought at what you would like to manifest in 2015, I would like you to focus on one particular dream that stands out. Pick a dream that you really want to create and use that for this exercise. Don’t worry if you have no clue how to achieve it. If you already knew how to make it happen you would have already done so. So not having a clue is perfect in this case.

1. Check whether this is really your dream?

Or do you feel obliged to want this; do you perhaps feel that you ‘should’ desire this? Or have you maybe adopted someone else’s dream because it sounded so great? If you are not sure that this truly is your own dream and heart’s desire, you may want to choose another wish you want to manifest…

2. Make sure you word it positively

There is a lot of power in intentions and we want to make sure you really create what you want here. So double-check your dream and see if it is all worded positively. Which means you don’t focus on things you don’t want to manifest. Such as: I don’t want to be stressed, tired, ill, alone, confused etc. Instead you focus on what you do want to achieve: feel relaxed, full of energy, vibrant and healthy, connected, clear etc.

3. Feel what comes up if you look at this (reworded) intention

Does it make you happy or want to smile? Does it fill you with excitement? Or do you feel tension in your solar plexus or stomach? If it makes you want to sing and dance: proceed to step 4. If not: ask yourself whether your desire stems from fear or from lack of something? As you may know everything has its own frequency. Fear has an energetic frequency of 100. Not a great vibration to create with, because everything below 200 weakens something. (And I’m not talking about nervous tension or anxiety or not knowing how to achieve it. That’s normal and means that you are stretching yourself, which is a great sign of growth.) Trust however vibrates at 250, and optimism at 310. So trusting that you will manifest this wish in perfect timing will add huge power and acceleration to your dream!

4. Read your dream out loud and then let go

Reading it out loud will add power and intensity to the creation process. As does sharing it with other people. Although I highly recommend you only share with people who can support you in holding this vision. Once you said it out loud and/or shared it, simply surrender your dream to the Universe and let go. And trust that it will manifest in divine timing.

5. Take inspired action steps

I highly believe in setting intentions and I also believe you need to back it up by taking appropriate actions. Trust that inspired action steps will be highlighted on your path. What I mean by this is be open to receive divine nudges and inspiration on what actions to take. And have an eye out for meeting people and unexpected circumstances that can aid you in achieving your dreams. Just keep taking (little) steps forward towards fulfilling your dream and trust that it will lead you there. Even if you cannot see how.

When I was on my way back to the airport this summer I noticed a huge sign saying:

‘Nothing happens unless first a dream’

Which felt like a beautiful confirmation. Since then I have already taken my own steps towards creating and manifesting the dreams I wrote down in July. My wish for you is that you will do the same!

I warmly invite you to share your dreams with me below, so I and others can hold the energy for you! As you read in step 4 this will help accelerate the process. I look forward to read your dreams!

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