Transforming Fear with Scent

July 5, 2013

A lot of things are ´in motion´ at the moment and I hear from several people around me that they too experience restlessness. Today I feel so restless that I have decided to develop a scent that will help me transcend fear and find the peace in myself again. Just thinking about this makes me calmer, I am now taking back control…

It is important to look your fear in the eye. By running away from it you will give it more power. Look your fear in the eye and decide that it no longer has control over you. Allow yourself to rise above the fear. Your fear keeps you small and traps you in old thought patterns and habits. Decide to consciously break through this. Scent can help you take this transforming step. The scents listed below are powerful and can help you change and transform the energetic and emotional imprint in a grounded and loving way.

Allow the scent to get into the core of your being. Choose that scent that allows you to bloom. The scent that is most appealing to you NOW is the right one:
• Jasmine
• Neroli
• Sandalwood
• Cinnamon
• Lavender

Breathe in deeply and let a drop of this scent fill your nostrils. Let it get deep into your (scent)brain and feel the strength. For those who are extra sensitive: you can experience a physical sensation by smelling this scent. Feel what it puts into motion, but especially feel that it brings you rest and relaxation, that the train of thoughts is stopped slowly so you can concentrate on what really matters, that which helps you take a step further, towards your dream, your desire, your goal. Breathe in deeply and consciously let go with every exhale. Let go of that fear, that limiting thought, that constraint. Let go and feel the room…

I have now just made the new scent: “Transforming the Fear”. It is a delightful combination of jasmine, neroli, sandalwood and lavender with a hint of cinnamon. And it really works! The scent is slightly sweet and also enticing. I have applied it to my wrists and I can feel it work deeply. It actually makes me cheerful! Wow, I am still amazed at how powerful essential oils are. I sometimes forget to use them myself. I am giving everybody advice but me. It’s a little bit like the painter whose window panes are beginning to flake 😉 Anyhow, today I have paid attention and I am enjoying this wonderful scent!

Do you also want to transform your fears with this enlightening scent? The scent ‘Transforming the Fear’ is available in a perfume roller, so it is easy to bring with you and you can use it as a calming perfume. Click HERE for more information.

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