Time to turn inward!

October 24, 2017

Lots is shifting in the energy (again) and given everything that is in motion it’s important to turn your focus inward—rather than on what is happening outside.

It’s not always relevant to know exactly what is shifting in the energy, but what is crucial is taking extra good care of yourself! It often helps just knowing that it isn’t you, it’s the effect every sensitive person feels from changes in the energy and underlying patterns.

So I figured today would be an excellent day for some tips on how to deal with these energetic shifts 😉

1 Ground yourself
First and foremost: make sure you are grounded. If you’ve gotten to know me a little you know I consider grounding first-aid for pretty much everything 😉 Take a walk outside, step away from your computer and make sure you actually feel your feet, not just your head (which is the part we use most of the time, especially if you work in an office).

2 Take your power back
When the energy gets wobbly we tend to go wobbly with it, and we often—unconsciously—give our power away to people or situations in an attempt to take back control. You don’t know what’s happening and you look for certainty and anyone who seems to know what they’re doing (or is more forward in claiming your energy) ends up with what’s yours.

Take a moment to sense your energy and then ask yourself: where am I giving my power away? And even if you don’t get a clear answer you can still set the intention to take your power back, right now. There’s no need to be aggressive about it. Simply let your own energy flow back to your energetic body and soul.

3 Clear your energy field
This is something I recommend doing every single day but even more vehemently when so much is in motion energetically. When you’re sensitive you pick up on other people’s turmoil as well and there is no need for you to take on their stuff. So cleanse your energy and make sure you only walk around with what is yours. No less and certainly not more.

You can do this ten minute energetic activation to clear your energy field and I recommend you do it right now.

Take care! This too shall pass and the better you take care of yourself the less it will impact you.

PS Want support with upleveling your selfcare? Or clarity on how you can take your power back for good? You can apply for a complimentary Clarity Session here

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