Without self-care life is pointless

February 16, 2018

Yes, that’s a pretty bold statement. But I’ve found it to be true.

If you’ve been following me for a while you may know that I’ve had to work hard at getting where I am. It took me countless years to learn to master my energy and handle my sensitivity.

I’ll never forget the day I went to see a naturopath. Because the ‘regular’ doctors had been unable to figure out why I was so tired and exhausted for the past eight years…

I literally had to take naps to get through the day.

His diagnosis took only thirty minutes. “You have energy for four hours per day, and you are doing the rest on willpower. And it is damaging your organs.”

As you can imagine that was a turning point and a giant wake-up call.

It set me on a journey of discovering how to take better care of myself, how to set healthy boundaries and how to actively manage my energy.

Because when you don’t have the energy to enjoy life and do what you came here to do then what’s the point?

I’m not here to slave all day so I can go to bed early and do the same thing tomorrow. I want to enjoy quality time with my friends and family. And I want to be fully present—not just be there in the flesh.

I discovered that self-care truly is the key to everything and it saddens me that for so many people it is the last of their priorities.

When you take good care of yourself you’ll have more energy. You’ll be more focused and productive. You’ll be more creative.

All by doing something that can be very enjoyable as well!

And no, this isn’t wishful thinking or some ‘when I say it often enough it will happen’ mantra. This is backed up by solid research.

You want to give it a try?

Here is a very practical and powerful tip.

Make sure you take a proper lunchbreak: step away from your desk and take at least a thirty-minute break. Doing so will increase your concentration and energy level. And it ensures increased productivity and creativity.

Now you might already know that taking a lunch-break is a good idea. But how often do you actually do it?

When you look back at this week, this month—how many times did you take a lunch-break away from your desk, focusing fully on something not work-related for thirty minutes or more?

Knowing the right thing to do is not the same as implementing it day after day.

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