Your timing? Or the Universe's?

September 5, 2017

My book journey has been fun, for the most part. I admit there have been moments where I was ready to throw everything out of the window. But luckily those moments were sparse.

I had a self-imposed deadline for my book and that deadline is TODAY! And, the book ain’t ready….

Of course I already knew last week I would be unable to finish the manuscript ‘on time’—but I secretly hoped I wouldn’t overshoot my mark by more than a few days.


Yesterday I concluded that not only I would need more than this week to finish the book, I would have to take my vacation before I handed in the manuscript to my editor.

You see, for months I had this image of pressing ‘Send’ and then gorging myself on two blissful weeks of nothing!

During those weeks my editor would be busy with the copy edit so there was nothing I could do. Ah…. (imagine peaceful sounds).

But, that’s not what’s happening.

And I had to take a bit of a hurdle to get to this point but I can now clearly see that first of all, I need time off. And second, there is no point in trying to push myself in finishing the book.

(Sounds obvious now, doesn’t it? It’s often easy once you have clarity, getting there is the hard part…)

I want to make this the best book I can make it and that includes taking the time to complete it according to the timeline of the book—rather than my own. I can’t force ideas to ripen.

We often want to make things happen according to our own schedule. Because it’s practical or easy or gives us a sense of control or…. (fill in the blank).


That’s often not how life works. There are other agenda’s, other people involved, other matters that count.

So, as of this weekend I am taking two weeks off, and I’m setting the intention for lovely summer weather in The Netherlands as I’m staying home 😉

And then after I’m fully recharged and refreshed I can continue writing with renewed vigor.

How about you? Are you adhering to a certain deadline, timing or expectation?

Is there something you can let go off?

Often surrendering to what we know is best—deep down in our heart—can be difficult. But when you follow that nudge you’ll live according to the Universe’s timetable. And that’s the only one that truly works.

Or at least, that’s my experience.

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