This kept me up last night

March 26, 2019

Last night I woke up with a feeling of unease. A feeling that something was wrong—even though I couldn’t pinpoint what that might be. It was an overpowering sense of loss, of something being off.

I remembered to breathe in love and exhale worry. And that helped a little, but an underlying feeling of discomfort remained.

We can have the tendency to ‘fix’ the discomfort, to not feel off or jumbled.

We want to feel happy, calm and at peace. We want things to work out in our favor. We want to smile and enjoy the good bits of life. That’s why we’re here, right? To enjoy.

I posted about that recently: follow your joy. And I truly believe that’s important—crucial even.

So why bother to look at discomfort?

Because it has something to tell you. Something wants your attention. You have the opportunity to heal a pain, something that happened in the (recent) past. You’re given the chance to release and open up room for more affirming experiences.

But often we miss these opportunities because we reach for something—anything—else to distract us. We focus on what makes us forget the pain. We read a book, listen to a song, go on social media or call a friend.

All the while not realizing that we’re moving away from what needs our attention.

Lean into the discomfort. Allow yourself to feel the pain so you can move through it.

I know how daunting it can be. It may seem insurmountable. But a good cry is so much more effective than running away from the ache.

Gift yourself a moment of stillness, of being present with what you feel. Whether that is good or ‘bad’. Whether it makes you happy or sad.

Allow the feeling of worry or dread to intensify. Lean into it. Let it fill you up, and go from there.

It’s important to accept and acknowledge what you feel. It’s essential to live a happy and fulfilling live. It’s paramount if you want to be true to who you are.

Being fully yourself means allowing the ‘bad’ to be present as much as the good.

Because the sooner you’ll allow yourself to feel the unease, the faster you’ll be able to move through it. Not because it’s something you need to get over quickly, but because it allows you to focus on the next thing you’re meant to do or experience.

Be true to you. Your body and soul will thank you for it.

I asked “What does this unease want to tell me?”

The answer:
We are here to tell you that you should relax more. You’re still trying to do too much, allow yourself to BE more. Be present, fully present with all your awareness. Be available to the urges that move you, that move through you.

The message was much longer but I’m not ready to share that yet. It has to do with a new program I am developing. Something that combines everything I’ve done up till now. It’s huge.

And it triggers all my buttons. I’m going from being fully in the flow, feeling that everything is falling into place like never before, to being hesitant—because this is so BIG.

If you’re feeling any unease or discomfort I recommend you to take a moment and stand still. Ask what it wants to tell you. Which insights want to come through or what needs to be released.

You’ll be so glad you did!

I know I was 😉 Here’s to BEING more and allowing ourselves to feel!


PS Would you like support in getting clear on what your unease or unrest is trying to tell you? I am opening up two spots for people to work with me individually. If that resonates you are welcome to apply for a complimentary Clarity Session here.

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