Three reasons why bad stuff happens to you

April 5, 2019

I remember the feeling of sadness and frustration when a friend dropped me like stone or when a business connection ran off with my idea. The anger and puzzlement about why this happened.

I’m sure we can all think of one or more instances where something bad happened. Something you feel you didn’t deserve. Whether it was an action from someone else, bad timing or simply ‘bad luck’.

Chances are it came out of the blue. The betrayal was so unexpected you never saw it coming. You were blindsided and left with your pain and a hollow feeling.

So why is all this bad stuff happening? I believe life is happening for you, not to you. So I always try to search for the why, what can I learn here?

There can be various explanations. Over years of tuning in and channeling for my clients I’ve seen three reasons that show up more than others:

1. To help you course-correct when you’ve been side-tracked.

Chances are you’ve ignored the more subtle nudges and the Universe is now sending you a strong push to move in a certain direction. Not pleasant, but better than the alternative—though we usually don’t know that which makes this seem like the worst possible option.

2. To help you grow.

You’ve chosen to master something in this lifetime. And this setback helps you acquire or use the skills needed for that. It makes you do things you might not have done when left to your own devices.

3. To protect you.

Which means the alternative would have been much worse. Have you ever heard “Rejection is God’s protection.”? I try to keep that in mind when the sh*t hits the proverbial fan.

There is always a gift in these situations. I admit at times the upside seems a stark contrast to what actually happened. It doesn’t always feel like a fair trade.

But I also know that having clarity on the WHY can help you release a burden.

Something shifts at a cellular level when you’re clear on the reasons behind a certain painful situation. It allows you to heal and move forward. It supports you in incorporating the insights.

And last but most certainly not least: it prevents you making a similar mistake, or encounter a comparable situation. Because if you haven’t learned what you needed to learn because you were still stuck in the pain, sadness or frustration, you might have to go through this merry-go-round again…

Ah, but how do you know which reason it is? Or whether it’s one of the more rare options?

That’s one of the things I uncover for my individual clients.

We’ll look at the original plan of your soul. You will get an eagle-eye perspective of the ‘bad’ things that happened in your life.

I will zero in and channel for you exactly why that happened and how that served you.

Because when you hold on to those negative emotions you’re blocking your own progress. No matter how entitled you are to your grief and anger—it won’t help you in the long run. It’s certain to keep you stuck.

Do you want to know why certain bad things happened? Do you want to see the potential gift so you can move on in a healthy way?

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