Break the pattern, change your life

March 6, 2019

March is a month of change. Many of you have been feeling that change is afoot and you’ve tried to hide. Tried to hold on to the life you know in so many very subtle ways.

Very few of you have taken the step forward and claimed the new you. There is no harm done and nothing lost if you haven’t stepped forward yet. We’re not here to discourage you but to encourage you to go forward and claim your birthright. Which is to live in love and laughter. To live out full, loved by those around you. And if your life is not reflecting these conditions we simply ask you to let go of what you think you have to do or be to be able to ‘have’ this. It’s been yours all along.

It’s you who has been standing in the way. You have been applying your power with all your might in keeping yourself small and stagnant, in staying where you are—safe within your comfort zone.

It is time to step out and step out big. You are ready. You are here to enlighten the world and you needn’t worry that what you have to offer isn’t valuable enough or unique enough.

You are called forward to look at the little things you’ve been doing every single day, your routine, your habits. And choose to change one.

Once you change one thing, you change everything because you disrupt the pattern. So pick one thing right now that you will do different from this moment on.

Will you sleep more, eat healthier, or exercise? Will you start to meditate or stop with worrying? Will you spend more time outdoors or with your friends? Or do you need more time for yourself? Perhaps more time to play and relax and not do so much all the time?

You’ll know. Go with what you know in your heart will serve you.

And it’s allowed to be fun!

Humans often think that what is good for you needs to be hard work and unpleasant. We tell you that is your mind resisting the change and finding a reason not to do it. You’re allowed to like what serves you. You’re allowed to have fun. Please—have much more fun!

Choose one thing to shift and change, to release or embrace and do so consistently. Tell a dear friend or your family about this perhaps seemingly small change, and ask them to hold you accountable. Not to shame you when you’ve fallen off the wagon but to remind you that this is what you’ve chosen and to stick with it.

Enjoy the shifts and changes! And remember that whenever you step out of your comfort zone that can feel uncomfortable (by design!). That is no reason not to change, it’s just your mind telling you that you are in uncharted waters and it’s trying to keep you safe. Tell your mind it’s okay and have fun sailing new oceans 😉

Here’s to change!

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