The key to, well, EVERYTHING!

July 12, 2018

Your focus first and foremost needs to be on your inner state of being and how you reflect that back into the world. Everything you send out will be returned to you tenfold. Scrutinize your thoughts and your way of being in the world.

Be ruthless when it comes to being aligned.

That sounds pretty intense, doesn’t it? But it is so very true!

If the inner creates the outer, if 80% of our results stem from BEing rather than DOing—then what could possibly be more important than being in touch with yourself, your heart, your desires, your soul?

So rather than running around being frantic and busy you shift your focus on your inner well-being and move from flow.

Because when you feel aligned with who you are and what you need you won’t waste time.

When you are in tune with your body you effortlessly take the best decisions and you know what will support you, and what will drain you.

When you create from the heart you automatically do what is in your highest good—and that of those around you.

Now, how do you make that shift from 80% DOing to BEing 80% of the time?

It’s a process, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There is no quick fix magic button.

I know we all want things to change in an instant, but even when they do it’s an accumulation of everything you have done up until then. You’ve just reached the tipping point and that’s when the change becomes visible.

What is at the foundation of your inner process is being grounded. That’s truly where it all starts. If you’re not grounded you can’t reliably connect with your intuition and inner knowing. When you’re not grounded you won’t hear the signals of your body.

So here is a guided activation to help you ground. All you have to do is listen. Take a moment for yourself, and do this first. Because its effect will ripple through in the rest of your day. It takes less than 7 minutes.

Starting your day without being grounded is like trying to sail on the ocean without a boat. You won’t get very far. Or the distance you do travel is exhausting 😉

You can relisten to this recording as often as you want, but I recommend you start your day with grounding. If you do you are way ahead of the game!

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