Are you playing the finite or the infinite game?

June 28, 2018

This morning I was struggling with some practical things that happened and I noticed my resistance to accept what a supplier had communicated. I could only see how it was not what we had agreed upon and how it inconvenienced me. I felt entitled to ‘get’ what I was paying for.

Of course in my annoyance I completely forgot to tune in and ask for the ‘gift’ in this situation. Well, the gift was partly about becoming aware of my own behavior, and about seeing a connection between a talk I listened to earlier this morning by Simon Sinek and how I look at my business and life.

He speaks about the difference between playing a finite and an infinite game. Most of us behave like we’re in a finite game where you can win or lose—whether that is in our personal or professional life—while in truth we’re all part of the infinite game. We need to shift our perspective.

I honestly thought I was aware and playing the infinite game—and I was in certain areas, but not everywhere and not (yet) all the time.

(You can listen to Simon Sinek explain it in detail here definitely worth listening to!)

So I tuned in and this message came through for all of us:

“You need to know that you are eternally safe and protected. You are divinely directed—even when it feels like you are lost. You are on your way to a new breakthrough and at the precipice of a new era. Much will unfold and change in the next few days and months. You are about to embark on a journey you have not been on before. One where you rely more and more on your gut instincts and intuition and less on your mind and ratio and the things you think you should have or let happen.

Be aware that you are a soul in a human body, your power is limited only by your imagination and you cannot comprehend even the slightest part of your divine heritage. It was designed so you would feel lost and confused—that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you when you feel that way. That is how it was designed!! You are merely experiencing the effects of being in play.

The way to ‘succeed’ is to embrace that while you are fully living your human experience it is impossible to see through the eyes of your soul. It requires you to open the bridge of your heart and travel down into the cavern of your soul. That is where your answers await.

Trust the journey and the process, and use and support each other as you travel alongside one another. You each have a part the other can use and benefit from. Teach and allow yourselves to be taught.”

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