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Are you wondering whether you are at risk for burnout?

Get an immediate answer about your energy and stress level!

It’s been said that 90% of disease are caused by stress. According to McKinsey Health Institute1, globally one in four employees are experiencing signs of burnout.

Stress hormones weaken the immune system, increase aging and the risk of (chronic) disease. That’s enough reason to take your stress level seriously.

Lack of energy directly impacts your productivity, your ability to be creative (hello problem solving!), and your capacity to be discerning. When you are tired, chances are you take things way more personally than when you are balanced and rested.

Most people don’t see a burnout coming.

I didn’t realize I was burned out until I hit that proverbial wall.

TRUTH: When you’re slowly burning out, you don’t see it coming. You don’t realize what’s truly happening; it’s such a gradual process. You get used to the changes in your body, the lowering of your energy, the sneaky increase in brain fog.

Right up until the moment I was made aware I was suffering from a burnout, I thought I was doing fine. I still got lots done; I didn’t have a problem, right?

That’s why it’s so important to catch a looming burnout early! There’ll be much less to fix and you’ll do less damage to your body (and surroundings).

Do yourself a favor and check your energy and stress level right now!

Get an immediate answer about your energy and stress level!

Take this powerful scan now and you'll know immediately where you land on the burnout scale. You will also get practical tips you can use right away to increase your energy level and lower your stress.

Better to be safe than sorry. Check your health and well-being now.

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1. McKinsey Health Institute, “Addressing employee burnout: Are you solving the right problem?”, May 27, 2022
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