The #1 thing I learned about being in the flow

July 1, 2022

A very exciting part of my education, that became the gateway to discovering so many more of my abilities as an intuitive mentor, was when I trained to be a facilitator for brainstorming sessions. I learned a lot of skills and techniques that have served me well over the years. But most importantly, I learned how to postpone judgment—the #1 rule in creative thinking.

Because you literally stop the creative process in your brain when you come up with the rational reasons why something is not a good idea, that it’s been done before, that it’s too expensive or time-consuming.

Shifting from creating ideas to analyzing them requires rapid switching between your right brain and your left brain and that’s something most people aren’t very good at—unless they’ve received that particular training.

Like I did.

That brainstorming period organically morphed into realizing I was good at working with people and groups. From the interaction I had with participants in breaks, I understood I had a knack for zeroing in on what they needed.

Little did I know that teaching myself to postpone judgment—to simply be with an idea, a suggestion, a conversation without drawing conclusions or making assumptions—would become an invaluable part of my work as a transformative mentor.

Clients often mention that they feel they can share everything with me, That it’s a safe space. They can sense that I don’t judge them.

Being present in the moment and being with whatever is shared, trusting my intuition and what comes up, is what allows me to do my work the way I do it.

In sessions with clients sometimes things come up that seem very off-topic. At first, I was hesitant to share those intuitive insights—because it didn’t seem related to the subject at hand.

But the same thing happened with me that happens when you don’t share a creative idea. Your brain just stops. The idea needs to be shared for the flow to continue. So that’s what I ended up doing in private sessions.

I learned through experience that the only way to get back into the flow was to share the off-topic idea. To my surprise clients always knew how that seemingly unrelated idea or image would fit into their story.

In fact, it often led to the most powerful insights and shifts.

Are you ready to feel fully in the flow? You’re tired of second guessing your intuition and you’re ready to feel clear and confident to take action on the things you’re most excited to do in life?

Your best next step might be to gain an all-new perspective about yourself, and access to intuitive insights you can’t get to on your own. With me as your personal sounding board, you’ll have the benefit of someone who can objectively view the situation from above—like having your own dial-up connection to infinite wisdom.

The end goal: move you forward, faster.

If you’re interested in private mentoring with me, you’re invited to a complimentary Clarity Session to ensure this is the right fit for your personal and professional growth. Click here to apply for a Clarity Session.

I look forward to speak with you!


PS This is what Gerardina said about working with me:

“Iris lets you be yourself. She stays calm and doesn’t judge you. She fosters confidence; I can really show myself with her. She gives you the impulse and insights to look and go further and to take steps.”

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