Coming out of the spiritual closet

July 6, 2022

Once I learned I was more intuitive and sensitive than I thought, I dove into learning all about my sensitivity and intuition.

I went to various workshops to educate myself. One of those was a combination of the creative work and the more intuitive work I was moving towards. It was at the Creative Problem Solving Institute in Buffalo, NY.

I followed the summer training ‘Creativity, Spirituality & Leadership’ where for me everything came together. We did an exercise that allowed you to tap into your intuition through automatic writing. And we were given the advice to do more of that.

I felt it was really important to practice doing exactly what they said, Just connecting in and writing whatever comes up. It was barely legible because I was using my left hand. And I got some words, some scribbling, and thought “This is so interesting—why am I writing down these words?”

They weren’t just random words—they made sense. They pointed me to something important and as a result I made a few conscious decisions on where to focus my time.

It felt like I was coming out of the spiritual closet. I started sharing that I’m highly intuitive with my family and friends, and then the rest of the world. I sensed I needed to honor this part of myself and learn more about it and that meant I was going to focus on it and I wouldn’t be spending as much time on other things.

I canceled my membership to a service club because I felt that honing my intuition was now a priority.

It was scary telling the people in my life—people responded differently when I told them about my spiritual side. Most people were surprised, some were even afraid of losing me.

One of the best responses I had was from one of my dear friends. She said “That’s so cool, can you tune in for my 3-year-old? He’s having trouble sleeping.”

I thought, “Okay, I can try, but I can’t promise anything.” And I did it through automatic writing. To my surprise I got a lot of specific things, like something about bacteria in the pool he was swimming in.

Her response: “OMG that’s so interesting—he has ear infections all the time.”

Two weeks later they closed the pool due to bacteria in the water.

And there were more very specific, tangible examples. I realized I had gotten clear confirmation that the intuitive insights I was getting were real and actionable.

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Have a day full of energy and inspiration!


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PPS If you want to know more about automatic writing check out this article.

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