The risk of feeling good

September 30, 2016

Don’t get me wrong, feeling good is great. But there are moments where it can hamper you, when focusing on shifting your energy and feelings so you are in a positive state may, in fact, be detrimental.

Feeling good is bad when:

Bad things happen for a reason, because you screwed up or because you were meant to learn something from it. Either way you want to take a close look at what happened and what you can do differently next time.

OK, let me pause here. Some of you may be thinking, “but what is the point in this person dying or that war or….” Even if there doesn’t seem to be a point to a certain event you may want to take a moment to see how it impacts you and what you can learn from that.

When things go wrong it’s a great opportunity to learn more about who you are and what you need.

So next time you can be more conscious about your actions. Otherwise you risk making the same mistake or attracting the same kind of relationship or client. You will stay stuck in a cycle unless you break through it.

It can be tempting to focus on feeling good to help get you through the day. And yes, it is important to focus on what’s working instead of getting stuck like a broken record and wallow in misery. The glass is half full and all.

But the difference lies in acknowledging the pain, working through it and also seeing the beauty, the upside.

Life is never all good or all bad. It’s a balance and the more conscious you are about maintaining that balance, the more you will know about who you are and what you need. The more fulfilled you will be.

To love is to risk being hurt. You can shut down and never open up again or you can pick yourself up and try again.

Just make sure the process of picking yourself up includes embracing what happened. It is important to see your part in the creation, however unconscious your actions might have been. Heal the pain and dig up the courage to move forward.

Anything worth having is worth the effort. Sometimes things fall in your lap, other times it feels like a struggle.

Either way: enjoy it, relish it, and be in the moment.

Instead of thinking about what might have happened or what can still happen, be present in this moment and focus on feeling good without ignoring the pain. And be willing to ask for support when you can’t see your way forward. There is no need to do it all alone.

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