Letting go with Scent

July 3, 2013

The end of the winter is a perfect time to let go of a few things. Thus you can make room for new things and you can take some time to reflect and realize what no longer suits you. The seasons can sometimes beautifully mirror us some processes. The beginning of spring with the fresh opening of the leaves is a symbol for a new beginning. To start something new, it is important and conducive to first let go of something old and clear out stuff. The spring cleaning is a longstanding tradition for a reason! Scent can help you with this. The essential oils of cardamom and lemon can assist you in letting go and making room.*

Cardamom: Let go and make room

Cardamom oil is healing and uplifting. It warms you from the inside out. It stimulates your senses and organs and enables toxins to leave your body. Stimulating and invigorating, deeply inhale cardamom and feel revived. What do you want to let go of today? Let it float away on the scent of cardamom and feel room for new thoughts and feelings.

Lemon: Regain focus and de-clutter

Lemon smells divine, lightly and penetrates on all levels. This scintillating scent stimulates the immune system and helps you regain focus and concentration. Whenever you are in a time of need for de-clutter and making room, deeply inhale lemon essential oil for it will help set you free and focus on your higher good. Let go of what no longer suits you and make room for new adventures.

I myself have diffused quite some lemon oil in the past few days. To make room and to let go. I think I am almost ready for spring now! Besides, it makes the house smell really fresh and clean!


* Essential oils can be used to assist the body and mind in several ways, but it can never replace the advice or recommendations of a physician. In all cases and for all products, we recommend that you inform yourself before using a product. In the case of pregnancy, medical conditions, medicinal use, and for use with babies or young children, you need to make sure the product is suitable for that particular situation.


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