I was afraid to be seen

June 23, 2021

We’re all afraid of sharing some part of ourselves with the world.

For me it’s a continuous evolution of sharing with an increasingly larger crowd that I am the spokeswoman for the Carriers of Light.

I noticed that when I host live meditations on Insight Timer, I avoid mentioning the Carriers. I pretend I’m a ‘normal’ person leading participants through an activation.

Some part of me acts up in fear and tries to keep me small and not share my unique abilities. Deep down there’s still a part of me that’s afraid of what other people might think. What if they find me too woowoo? What if large corporations decide they no longer want to work with me because I’m too spiritual? You name it.

If these seem valid questions, remember they are rooted in fear. And fear is never a good counselor.

I realized in this area of my life fear has been running part of the show again—and it stops here.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have to call yourself out on old habits and beliefs. There’s no limit to your ability to keep growing and breaking through these self-imposed barriers again and again. And sometimes you have to work through several layers—as annoying as that is at times 😉

When you let fear run the show you choose limitation, lack and you slow down the flow. The flow of life, the flow of love, the flow of who you are.

So what are you afraid to share with the world? What part of you are you hiding for certain people or specific groups? What element of you are you in fear of people finding out?

I’m not saying you can’t be afraid. I’m not saying you should ignore your inclination and shout if from the rooftops right now. But I do believe you’ll benefit from looking at it. You can only shift what you are aware of, even if it is one small step at a time.

It starts with awareness. From there you can choose to open up and share. Or get clear on which beliefs are tied to that fear. What you think might happen when you do tell someone.

Often our fear is disproportionate. Our anxiety makes us believe our lives are in danger when someone learns about this part of us. It makes it so big you would rather hide than risk sharing it.

Once you start looking at it you can bring the fear back to its original proportion. You can use these journaling questions to help yourself get clear on where you are holding back.

I suggest your ground yourself before you sit down and start writing.

1. What am I most afraid people will find out about me?

2. What do I think will happen when they know?

This doesn’t have to be accurate. It’s about what your subconscious drags up—simply write it all out without stopping.

3. Am I open to the possibility that it could be safe for me to share this with people?

The answer might be no and that is fine. If it is, see if you can make it smaller. Am I open to the possibility of sharing this with my best friend?

I’m not saying you should share it with them right now. I’m simply inviting you to expand your awareness so it can encompass the possibility that it might be safe. Let yourself grow into the option that it might become something you could do in the future.

After you’ve written down the questions I recommend you reread what you wrote with an open mind and open heart. These are valuable insights. Don’t beat yourself up about what you are not yet able to do, but be proud of yourself for taking this step!

Bonus: You’ve looked at fear. To top things off I invite you to lean into love. Think of something or someone that makes you feel love(d). Zero in on that feeling of love and allow it to wash over you. Take it in fully so you can actually feel the love.

Doing this inner work is important—and I also know it’s much easier when someone helps you along.

That’s why each month I host a Gathering with the Carriers of Light

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